University of Idaho

Idaho is home to about twenty colleges and universities, three of which are public universities, five of which are state colleges, and five of which are private universities. One of these universities is the University of Idaho, located in northern Idaho.


The University of Idaho is the oldest of Idaho’s three public universities. Established in 1889, the university welcomed its first professor and modest class of forty students in 1892. Within the traditional four years, those scholars graduated, and two years thereafter the university awarded its first graduate degree. It continued to establish an agricultural college and a department of home economics in its early days. After a fire in 1906 the university rebuilt its administrative building, designed by the architect that modeled the state capitol building. This beautiful building remains the central symbol of the now-extensive university campus, which includes music, science, engineering, business, natural resource, and education programs.


Centered in the rural town of Moscow, Idaho, this university offers a unique experience.It’s proximity to the Palouse hills, lakes, forests, and mountains of northern Idaho blends scenic and studious.


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