Understanding the Patio Home

Boise Patio HomesA patio home is type of housing structure also referred to as a cluster home, a townhouse or condominium. This type of home is typically set within a group of attached houses in a suburban environment.

The walls between the homes are shared and the maintenance of the property is provided by way of a fee paid to an association. There is a private patio installed for each home but there is no personal lawn areas.

The specific definitions of patio homes, town houses and condominiums varies from state to state. Some states place all three types of homes under one legal definition. It’s common to see a home for sale that is marketed as patio home by one agent and a town house by another.

The typical buyer of this type of home is someone who would rather not spend time on outdoor maintenance and does not want to own the land on which the home is located. Many of these patio homes are constructed with one main floor. This feature makes this type of property particularly suitable to the senior population.

The entire neighborhood of homes that are attached are managed by an HOA (Home Owners Association). This organization determines the rules and policies of the those who are members of the Association. The organization also elects board members. A monthly fee is paid to the Association by each member. The monthly fee is used to pay for maintenance of the grounds and any other necessary costs. The Association is responsible for all outside issues however, the interiors of each of the patio homes are the responsibility of each of the members.

Neighborhood PlaygroundPatio homes are usually a good investment for builders, contractors and developers. The builders are able to purchase a large lot of land and then divide it into many smaller lots. This allows the builder to construct many homes on one piece of land. The homes that are built are less expensive to construct than traditional houses because of the walls that are shared between them. The shared walls enable builders to save money on building materials and labor costs.

There are several advantages to patio homes.

·  They are less expensive than single homes

·  There is no one living above or below

·  The yard is typically fenced

·  There is very little outdoor maintenance required

·  There are often amenities such as playgrounds and swimming pools

There are also some disadvantages.

·  There is noise from people living in close proximity

·  There is a monthly HOA fee

·  The yard is smaller


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