Make Your Decor Work for You

For a lot of people, there seems to be more stuff in our homes than we know what to do with. Whether it is decor or everyday items you just need a place to store, it makes you wonder if there was a way that you could get double use out of some of your stuff. Well, look no further if this is your query. Today we are going to talk about pieces of decor that will either have double uses or just be more useful to you than other pieces you could be investing in.


If you aren’t aware of what sconces are, they are, essentially, pieces of wood or metal that hang on the wall to make a platform for a candle. They are usually decorative and ornate, but they don’t lose their function even if they are more for show. The reason that these pieces of decor are on our list of useful decor is that, in the case of a power outage, you can quickly light a few candles and light up your house. Be careful though that you have them set up the candle far enough away from the wall though that the flame will not catch the drywall on fire.

Coffee Tables

This is one of the most obvious entries on this list, but it is still good to address. A coffee table can quickly transform a room. However, looks are not everything that a coffee table brings to your room; you can, obviously, use it as a place to put other decor, store different items, or set drinks and snacks. There are also some coffee tables that have hidden features of their own that make them even more useful.


Another pretty obvious entry to this list is your curtains. These are meant to block out light, or diffuse it in some cases, but can also add to your home’s decor in the process. Now, when we say curtains, this also applies to blinds as well. They are a great addition to any room and can quickly and easily add some personality to it as well as their inherent functionality.

Jewelry Displays

One great way to decorate your home while still saving yourself some storage space is to create a jewelry display system. This will give you a place to store your jewelry and keep them on display as well. These can be made pretty easily, and there are literally thousands of different designs on the internet that you can choose from. This, of course, may not be the best option for all your jewelry-- especially the most expensive sets; so be sure to have a special place to store those elsewhere.

Collectibles display

Along the same lines as the previous entry to this list, you can also display collectibles as a way to spruce up your home. Whether you collect action figures, dolls, plates, vinyl records, or anything for that matter, they can be easily displayed as decor pieces in your home so they can be appreciated by everyone who visits. With collectibles that are hard to dust, you may want to consider covering with glass or plexiglass. In these cases, a shadow box may also be a good way to go.


Another great piece of useful decor is mirrors. Not only do they let you see yourself, but they will also add quite the aesthetic to your room. From their glassy finish to their ornate frames, mirrors are a great way to make any room pop. Not to mention they will make your room feel brighter as it will bounce the light that comes into the home around the rooms, scattering it.

Flip down wall shelves

Now, these are a little more atypical when it comes to decor and can be a bit of work to make and install. Essentially, they are a series of long wooden pieces that are attached to the wall with hinges. This allows you to lower the wood pieces in any configuration to place things. This customization makes them great for decor and function.

Floating bookshelves

Another great decor hack would have to be the floating shelf. These are great because they give the illusion that it is floating on the wall while giving you space to put pictures, plants or anything really. Not to mention you can buy or build floating shelves that have hidden compartments in them to keep valuables out of sight. So, really if you get the right shelf you get a piece of decor to break up your room visually, a place to put pictures and other decor, as well as a super-secret hiding place.


The last thing we want to talk about is hidden storage. You see, one of the most useful things you can have is a piece of furniture or decor that allows you to store more of your things. The following list is a small sampling of the ways you can add more storage to your home!

Trunks - Old style trunks are trendy and great for storage in any room

Storage under chair seating - If you have a little DIY in you, you can always modify your kitchen or craft room chairs to have some hidden storage under the seat. It is, in most cases, dead space anyway.

Entertainment Center/ movie and game storage - Why buy something to prop up your TV without using that opportunity to add more storage to the room at the same time!

Headboard storage - Another great project is to make a headboard for your bed with extra storage. This can be done at home if you have the tools and experience, or it can be bought from a manufacturer.

Window Seat - Window seats are iconic, but they can also be easily made to store just about anything beneath the seat.

So, there you have it, our top picks for getting the most out of your decor. There are, obviously, many more ideas out there, but these were the ones that seemed to pique our interest the most. You can find many more ideas like these on our website as well as great information about living and working in the great state of Idaho!

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