Tricks For Tricky Stains

eagle-home-10_400When stains set in, they can be mean, and often times the stains are so stubborn that they seem impossible to remove.  There are some really cool ways to clean the meanest of stains and we will get right down to the nitty gritty and bring them to you.

Candlewax:  This is likely the coolest technique to remove mean stains there is.  There is no doubt that candlewax is a tough one to remove from carpet and clothing.  That is, until now.  To remove candle wax from carpet or clothing, simply grab a damp wash cloth and heat up an iron. Place the washcloth over the candlewax and place the hot iron over the top.  The iron will melt the candlewax into the washcloth and the stain is removed!

Bakeware:  Ever have a bakeware dish that whatever you cooked in it seemed to be stuck to the dish?  You scrub and scrub, and the stains still remain?  If this happens to be the case, sprinkle a little Bon Ami on the dish and scrub with a scrub pad.  The abrasive will not hurt the cookware and will remove the stain quickly and you’ll have a fresh looking dish. 

Teeth:  If you happen to be a coffee or tea drinker, you know the damage the beverages can cause to your teeth.  Coffee and tea stains on the teeth are terrible.  To get rid of the stains, start brushing with baking soda. 

Tile:  Do you have hard to clean grout?  Then grab the hydrogen peroxide and a toothbrush and get ready to get the stains out.  Pour a generous amount of hydrogen peroxide on the tile and let it foam for a bit.  Then, begin to scrub with your toothbrush.  Wipe the counter and if there are still stains remaining than break out the bleach and allow the bleach to sit for a few minutes before wiping clean.

Rust:  Rust is a killer on clothing, there is no doubt there.  There are a few tricks that will remove the rust and they come right from your kitchen cupboard.  First, try white vinegar.  Saturate the stain and gently blot it and place the garment outside in the sun and let it dry.  If that doesn’t work, they place the garment on a clean, white towel and saturate the rust stain with lemon juice.  Once it has soaked, place the garment in the sun to dry. 

About the author: Mike Pannell is a San Antonio Real Estate agent helping both sellers and buyers complete their real estate transactions.

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