Treefort Music Fest: Become a Part of the Boise Tradition



Boise is more than just the capital of Idaho. It’s a bustling area ripe with local businesses, nightclubs, college energy, and a progressive city plan. More than that, Boise is a hub for an up and coming boom of music, theater, and the arts. The Treefort Music Fest is an incredible event that celebrates the arts, musical and otherwise, and provides indie musicians and local artists with a venue to share their work with Boise.

Just finishing its fourth year, the Treefort Music Fest is looking to keep growing. This year was the biggest yet, with over 400 bands playing over the span of five days. The festival grew substantially from its first year of three days, with right around 130 bands. The festival has even grown beyond just music. There are now events for writers, artists, and the fusion of technology and the arts. It’s become the west’s alternative to the widely popular South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

As widely popular and influential as Boise’s Treefort Music Fest has become, it wouldn’t be possible with the help of the many people willing to donate their time and talents. It is because of the dedication of volunteers that Treefort has been able to grow as much as it has. Without these willing people, there never would have been the over 400 bands and the five action-packed days of the festival.

Why Volunteer?

Right now, it might seem obvious why people volunteer at the Treefort Music Fest. And it is obvious. Volunteering is an incredibly rewarding experience, and by volunteering at Treefort, you’re able to take part in something that you love. Treefort has had a huge impact on the music and arts communities in southern Idaho, as well as providing support to local businesses. Local businesses can see a dramatic increase in business during the festival. Beyond that, Treefort is a platform for many emerging musicians and artists, and this festival is a celebration of the arts. By volunteering, you become a part of that. You might even be able to meet your favorite indie band, or local writer.

What Volunteers Do

Typically, volunteers at the festival will work three-hour shifts. Some days may be longer, but three hours is typically the standard. Overall, most volunteers are required to work at least nine hours for the event, but many end up volunteering much more time. It’s truly a labor of love and devotion. Volunteers are able to decide when they work, and where, which means you’ll have plenty of variety. You can help out where you want, and how you want. If you have a particular talent, such as carpentry, you can help build stands and other displays. Or, maybe you’d like to learn something new, and you can do that as well.

There are a wide variety of jobs you can volunteer for, and it’s all up to you. Typical shifts cover positions or tasks such as: checking wristbands at venues, selling merchandise, acting as a stage-hand (helping setup musical equipment and the like), helping the venue managers, and cleaning up or helping in other hospitality or hosting positions. There’s a lot to do to make sure that Treefort runs smoothly, and volunteers are the key to the festival’s success.

As an added bonus, volunteers receive a discounted ticket price. This means you can enjoy the festival at a far cheaper price. So, you can volunteer your time, and help out the festival you love, while being able to enjoy the show and explore the different indie musicians, artists, and writers at the festival. Volunteering is a great way to experience the festival, while also ensuring the success of the festival.

Being a Part of the Tradition

This year, over 600 volunteers donated their time and talents to help the Treefort Music Fest. Because of their dedication, over 400 bands were able to perform over the course of five days, making this year’s festival the biggest yet. And if the festival keeps receiving the help of so many volunteers, it will only continue to get bigger.

Be a part of the magic, and support the growing music and arts scene of Boise. There’s a great sense of pride in knowing that we have this kind of talent, and that there are people willing to give their time to help. Idaho is a beautiful state, and the Treefort Music Fest celebrates the artistic side of our home.

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