Treasure Valley Local Businesses


You are probably always being told about how you should support local businesses, and while you might agree with the sentiment that it is good to give hard-working Americans your money over some multinational business, though, it is not always that easy. It can be hard to know where you might actually want to go to buy something and what those businesses might be. You might think that other bigger companies do the work of these local businesses but better and more cheaply. Well, if you live in Boise or another part of the Treasure Valley and are faced with this dilemma (Though it is a minor one, it can be a dilemma nonetheless), I am here to give you some options about what kind of local businesses there are in the Treasure Valley and what they can offer you over other options. There are some really unique and cool shops all over the state, and a lot of them are concentrated in the Treasure Valley.

There has been a real surge in the Idaho brewing community. In fact, the entire state very well may be going through an alcohol renaissance, with wine companies and breweries taking home winning medals in competitions. There are a bunch of different spots in Boise and all over the Treasure Valley where you can get a quality drink and it will not taste like water. At places like the Payette Brewing Company, a lot more effort is put into making a quality product. The Payette Brewing Company makes drinks that actually taste good. If you like a quality beer, head on down to the Payette Brewing Company and pick yourself up something nice. There are great brewing establishments everywhere, and they all put their own unique spin on beer. Similarly, if wine is more your speed, there are plenty of options there as well. For example, the Hat Ranch Winery in Caldwell has a bunch of different vintages and kinds on offer. Have a taste and head home with a bottle to your specific liking. You even get the satisfaction of knowing the wine was grown and made in your own state, something every Idahoan should be proud of.

Of course, there are always plenty of really cool and different restaurants in any given city or metropolitan area like the Treasure Valley. You have your standard and risk-free burger and pizza places, but if you really want to try something new, you need to get out there and find the local stuff. If you want to start small, there is the Boise Fry Company, which puts a really big emphasis on the french-fry, something not a lot of places do. A burger joint might have really good fries, but in the end, they are just fried potatoes with salt. There are only subtle differences in how the fries are made. But at the Boise Fry Company, they go all out with some real gourmet stuff. Their actual motto is “burgers on the side,” that is how good their fries are.

Naturally, food and drinks are not the only things you can find local businesses dealing in. America loves its movies. Every city has at least four or five great big theatres and they run around the clock, late into the night. But a lot of what comes out on the big screen is not all that great, especially if you want something more than a generic action movie. If you want to try something new, there is The Flick in Boise where you can may consider checking out independent movies that push the envelope beyond what Hollywood is usually willing to risk. They also have foreign films, which can be very hard to find in other theatres. Not everything that shows up at The Flick is going to be A+ material, but it can still be fun to try something new. Some independent and foreign films are stinkers, but there are also some real masterpieces out there.

Here is a particularly interesting one. In America, artists abound. Boise has a variety of different art exhibits with people from Idaho contributing their work and some out-of-state artists as well. One of these places is Boise Art Glass. Art comes in all shapes and sizes and it does not need to be on a flat canvas to show off the artists vision and give you a glimpse into a different world of imagination. At Boise Art Glass you can see a studio full of different shapes of blown glass that have been turned from melted sand into true art. There are vases, sculptures and all manner of other glass objects to tickle your mind. You can also get involved yourself and take a class on how to make your own blown glass.

This is just a tiny sampling of the different places that can change your life and the way you view your city. There are thousands upon thousands of people searching to turn their hobbies or passions into something they can share with you to help support what they love, and while not all of them are successful, some of them could definitely survive with your help. The next time you are thinking about getting something cheap and mass-produced, give one of these places a thought.

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