Top 8 Reasons to Live in Boise Idaho

Most people don’t really have an opinion about Boise Idaho except for the idea that it is all potato farms and football fans. Today, we are going to show you that while spuds are important to the Boisean culture, there is much more than meets the eye in this strikingly comfortable and strikingly fertile real estate region. Today we are going to show you the top 8 reasons to live in Boise Idaho. If you would like more information beyond this article, check out our website, and or give one of our real estate agents a call— they will be glad to help you in any way they can.

8. The Awesome Real Estate Market

From the average cost per home and the abundance of great homes, Boise is a great place for real estate. Whether you are looking to buy a home as an investor, or just want to relocate, Boise is really the place for you. Home prices have been level and the housing market has stayed stead throughout the crash and beyond. This market has proven its resilience and has also proven to be a very lucrative place for house flipping and rental properties. For more information on buying a home in Boise, contact one of our awesome real estate agents here at the Hughes Group.

7. The Copious Amounts of Outdoor Activities

One of the other things that most people associate with Idaho is the amount of outdoor activities there are here. There are opportunities to go boating, floating, climbing, camping, biking, and so on and so forth, and it is all thanks to the wonderful mountains and valleys that surround Boise. Idaho has roughly 100,000 miles of rivers and acres upon acres of mountain ranges and lakes. Really it is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream land. So, grab your bike, shoes, or whatever it is you use on your outdoor adventures and get ready for some fun!

6. The People

A lot of the time, neighbors and other citizens of a new area can have a very large impact on your perception of it. Your new home should be a place you love, a place where you feel welcome, and a place where you feel you are a part of a community. The City of Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley are one big community. There are parks, conventions, sports leagues, hobby clubs, social centers, entertainment, and much more. Not to mention, Boise has some of the most notoriously friendly people this side of the continental divide. So really, it is a great place to live if you want that sense of community.

5. The Business Environment

Business is also booming here in the City of Boise. Since the economic crash of 07 and 08, Idaho has really pulled through. Since then, the laws have been structured to promote business growth and startups so that more entrepreneurs will want to come settle here. So, if you have a business you want to get started, you should look at Boise for your base of operations. Boise is already home to several major corporations and thousands of small businesses (not to mention everything in between).

4. The Low Cost of Living

Boise has a very low cost of living. This extends from food to housing. The surrounding farms and fields provide Boise residents with food for lower price and the large amount of usable land means that new homes are being built by the hundreds, flooding the market with a large supply of good homes. However, these aren’t the only things that tend to be less expensive here; utilities are also quite affordable here. Electricity is distributed by a local company, as is gas, making them more sensitive to the conditions of their customers. Not to mention they are easy to work with.

This is also coupled with a good working atmosphere (which we will discuss in more detail later). There are many jobs here that pay their employees very well.

3. The Small-town Charm

The atmosphere of a city is another great influencer for people when they move to a new community. It doesn’t matter if the house is perfect, if they don’t like the atmosphere of the community it is in, they probably won’t be happy. Luckily, Boise is, despite its size, still brimming with small town charm. People are still friendly here, in both downtown and in the country. You can stop and ask nearly anyone for directions and they’ll help you, if you are in a wreck, people will likely get out of their cars to help you, and even if you are just looking for some friends you’ll be able to find them.

Couple this with the fact that Boise’s countryside is lush and beautiful, its downtown areas are picturesque and lively and you have the ingredients for greatness.

2. The Big City Center

We mentioned downtown Boise just a moment ago, but really, it deserves to be number 4 on this list. Boise’s downtown environment is spectacular. There are hundreds of shops, stores, restaurants, social areas, parks, playgrounds, and even housing. It is an awesome place to be. Downtown has many great buildings, monuments, and other architecture that beautify the area. The Boise River, the parks, and all the other natural amenities contrast the urban jungle giving it a unique friendly atmosphere.

In downtown Boise there is also a movie theater, Boise State University, quick access to the Boise Foothills, venues for plays, concerts, and sports games, and so on and so forth. It is an exciting place to visit if not live.

As far as Boise downtown real estate is concerned, there are many lofts, apartments, condos, and small cottage style homes. There are also some large classic historical homes in what are called the historic districts. These homes can be Victorian, colonial, or any other number of elegant designs.

1. The Room for New Construction

Lastly, there is the room that Boise has for constructing new homes. Since Boise, or rather the Treasure Valley, is not confined on its western or southern boarders by mountains or anything else really, it has room to expand without any real problem. This has made it a prime place for people to not only find inexpensive land, but also to build their dream homes, instead of buying someone else’s dream.

There are many companies in the Boise area that specialize in new construction. These builders do great work, turning your vision into reality with ease. Not to mention, they are very affordable. With just a simple google search you can easily find dozens upon dozens of builders and contractors that would be happy to help you erect your new home in Boise.

Now, rest assured, there are more reasons than these to live in Boise. It is a wonderful place with wonderful opportunities. Come by and see it sometime, you may find yourself not wanting to leave.

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