9 Reasons Why People Move to Boise, Idaho

Downtown Boise

What makes Boise, Idaho one of the top mid sized cities to live in? Boise is one of the last great western cities left, and is set by the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains, drowning in a sea of luscious trees. Boise is enamored with character and history, and being one of the only secluded metropolitans in the country, it's developed its own unique culture and vibrancy you won't find anywhere else. With one of the most livable urban cultures set upon a rural backdrop that provides countless recreational opportunities for everyone, Boise is nothing but awesome. Boise is a top destination on a variety of Best Of publications, and provides a multitude of positive reasons for anyone who's dabbling with the idea of moving here.  Here, we look at ten different reasons why people love living in Boise:

No. 1 The top concern for many folks is an area's affordability, and Boise is no stranger when it comes to inexpensive housing and other costs associated with living. And the best part about it? No sacrifices need be made. When you examine average housing costs, utilities, healthcare, transportation, groceries, and various other necessities, Idaho ranks as one of the lowest in the western states, according to the ACCRA Cost of Living Index. Idaho and its capital boast about a lot of things, but a high cost of living has never been one of them. Even as the economy changes along with people's needs, Idaho has managed to retain its enviable living cost.

No. 2 Boise has one of the most business friendly atmospheres in the country. You'll see it everywhere, whether it's on Forbes or CNBC – Idaho is a top state for doing business, and the Boise metro area is Idaho's crown jewel. CNBC selected Idaho on its America's Top States for Business 2013 list, ranking Idaho in at number 7 for the Cost of Doing Business, no. 5 for Business Friendliness, plus no. 3 for Cost of Living, which we've already covered. Overall, Idaho came in with the no. 10 spot. Idaho's capital embraces unique ideas and new opportunity, making it one of the best cities to let creativity loose.

Boise, Idaho

No. 3 From a study done by the Farmers Insurance Group, the Boise metro area was ranked at no. 11 as being the Most Secure in the Nation. They examined large metropolitan areas with a population of over 500,000 people, looking at factors such as crime, weather, air quality, foreclosures, economic stability, life expectancy, employment numbers, and other serious statistics to produce their list. Mark Toohey of Farmers Insurance stated, “we congratulate the residents of all large metropolitan areas named in the top 20 rankings. They are fortunate to have dedicated local government, law enforcement, fire, medical and education leaders who work hard and have earned the Farmers Insurance most secure large city recognition.”

No. 4 It's hard to talk about Boise's greatness without mentioning the climate. Boise, Idaho is a true all season destination. That means it receives the variety of temperatures that all four seasons have to offer. Boise is absolutely gorgeous in the fall with the mix of changing colors and perfect temperatures. In the winter, you can get your favorite snow adventures packed in at local Bogus Basin Ski Area or for world class skiing, a quick drive up to Sun Valley is all it takes. The valley itself does experience snow and rain, but for the most part, it's the surrounding mountains that receive it the most. Yes – Boise has sunny days, chilly temperatures, and pleasant summertime winds. With largely a kind disposition, the climate here is suitable for just about everyone.

No. 5 We haven't mentioned the recreation yet? Folks trip over recreational opportunities here. No matter which way you look, you'll find that it's hard to escape the active lure the city has over people. There's really no limit to the things you can do here, whether it's in the surrounding hills and mountains, the Boise River, or lakes of all shapes and sizes. Idaho is a fisherman's paradise, a hiker's playground, a biker's sprawling raceway, and a boater's clear blue front. On top of all that is the aesthetic value of the natural landscape and rural backdrop. There's no escaping Idaho's vast outdoors.

No. 6 Boise, Idaho's culture is second to none. With a remote location, folks might breed the misconception that not a whole lot is going on here, but they couldn't be any further from the truth. Boise has a vibrant arts and culture scene, and not to mention several high caliber performing arts companies (think the Idaho Shakespeare Festival and the Boise Philharmonic) as well as many exciting venues for live music and other big time events. In Boise, you'll also find several festivals, museums, and art galleries. In 2012, a study established by Americans for the Arts, both public and private arts in Boise is a 48 million dollar per year industry.

No. 7 Boise's downtown area is excellent for several reasons. Among bikers and walkers, the well-maintained sidewalks and nearby greenbelt provide alternate routes for getting around with ease. The streets are beautiful and safe, and the shops and restaurants are diverse and exciting. Downtown Boise is a thriving business community with more than 30,000 people who work in the area. Office and retail space are among the lowest in the region, and the entertainment options include Zoo Boise, museums, movie theaters, and art galleries.

No. 8 Traffic. We all cringe at the word, but take heart – Boise has some of the lowest commute times around. With an average commute time of 20.2 minutes, that's 20 percent faster than the national average and far less than other urbanized locations in the West. Boise's traffic is reasonably hassle free, and the alternate transportation routes provided by the Boise River greenbelt and the dozens upon dozens of bike lanes make it easier than ever to ditch the car and hit the pavement.

No. 9 When you're in Boise, you'll likely soon encounter that small town friendliness that so many people talk about. Folks who live in Boise are often genuine and kind, because they're in the exact place they want to be. People who live and work in Boise embrace the many charms that make this urban meets rural “little-big town” the gem that it is. Boise is packed with big city amenities with a small town atmosphere, so it's no wonder those who come here, stay here. After all, the low stress life is quite contagious.

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