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Tips for having a great open house

Having an open house is a great way to interest possible clients in the home that you are selling. Open houses are a way to show them the inside of the home, the amenities it comes with, and give them a chance to imagine what it would be like for them to live in that home.

How to choose a time for an open house -- Most people choose weekends where you and prospective buyers usually have more time. Have your open house a few times, at the same times within the month, so people can make plans to attend. For example, have your open house Sunday from 3 pm - 6 pm, for the month of April. So people who are thinking about visiting your home can come view it for the first time, or the second, or third time, to make a decision.

Advertising -- Advertising is definitely important if you want to have prospective buyers show up to the home. Utilize social media, post on craigslist, facebook, and other social media sites. As well as realtor sites, 80% of prospective buyers find the home they want online. Tell friends and family about it, the more you tell people the more likely people are to come. Put up signs at the entrance of your subdivision, be careful with what info you put on the signs though as you dont want to fall victim to scams.

Clean your home -- The last thing people want to do is step around the clutter and trash around a home. This a great time to organize, make sure to even organize closets and places you don't go very often in the home. This is also a great time for home upgrades, touching up areas of the home that need paint and getting rid of things you don't use anymore. Don't start major projects though, keep it simple so that you have less to worry about. Small projects make a big difference, for example: touching up the paint around the home can make it look brand new. Now, once you are done with the interior, remember to update the outside of the home too. The exterior is just as important as the interior of the home because that is the first thing prospective buyers are going to see when they come to visit. Have the grass cut in your yard, plant some plants if you have the extra money to feature the exterior of the home.

Staging the home -- Staging is another term for moving furniture and other decorative items in order to look appealing. One of the best ways to do this (other than hiring a professional) is to look on the internet or magazines for ideas. By looking at what other homeowners and professionals have done. This can be a great way to see what you can do with the furniture you have. Great sites like Pinterest are perfect for this so you can get an idea of what would best fit for your home and your furniture style. You can also look at home improvement magazines and TV shows, like HGTV. Just remember that less is more when it comes to staging. Simplicity is best in these situations, maximize the space in your home to feel more open and spacious.

Create a flyer -- Make flyers and brochures for your home for people to take once they’ve attended your open house. Include things like amenities, a number of bedrooms and bathrooms, personal upgrades you have made such as fixing up the basement, asking price, your phone number, and address. There are many other things you can add if you choose such as property tax in your area, or the dimensions of the rooms and the backyard. Another thing you can add on the flyer is photos featuring some of the rooms and maybe the backyard and front yard. If you have the time, taking flyers to friends and asking them to share with coworkers, or family members that are looking for a home is a great idea.

Less distractions -- Remove any pets from the home, some people are allergic to pets and this can be a huge distraction. If you have children, have them go out and play at a friends home or find a quiet game for them to play with. Also if you have a loud machine going such as laundry machine or a personal appliance such as a dehumidifier, turn it off during the open house. Though you may get bored, turning on the TV, or video games that could be loud and distracting would be bad for possible buyers.

Another distraction may be you. Even though I am sure you want to sell the house as fast as possible, giving the people who are looking at your home some space is important. Be there to answer questions though. You are the one that knows the ins and outs of the property.

Be safe -- Remove personal items and documents. This includes things such as jewelry, medications, phones, IPads, computers, and documents like social security cards, bank information, and bills with personal info. Lock away these items or put them in a place that you know is 100% secure and safe. You may not be able to keep any eye on everyone who is viewing your home, so don't risk it. Also bring someone with you, like your real estate agent, or if you're selling your home by yourself then to have a friend or family member with you.

Be open and honest -- Some people may have some issues with how you have the home priced, or what you’ve done with the place. Be flexible and be open to criticism especially if more than one person thinks that. It can help you with selling the home faster and to the people who have viewed it and are considering buying. Tell them you are firm on a price for your home, or you may be willing to work out a deal where you drop the price of the home or even do some DIY projects before they purchase the home if you and your realtor are convinced it is overpriced.

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