Things Your Real Estate Agent Would Like You to Know

Spread good reviews as word of mouth helps a lot with real estate agents.

Real estate agents are people who help clients to buy and sell homes and properties. There job is to work with clients to ensure that they are getting a good deal on or for their home, to help streamline the potentially stressful process of buying and selling, and to provide knowledge and assistance regarding the housing market, to help the buyer or seller decide what would be a good offer or counteroffer, and to ultimately answer whatever questions may arise. Many people feel that they can find a home without the aid of a real estate agent, but it’s not always that easy. Agents put in a lot of time and energy to learn the tools of their trade, and as such much go through the licensing process to prove that they are knowledgeable. When you work with an agent, you are lessening your workload immensely and gaining the help of a skilled professional who is making it their job to scour the market for the best deals.

It is fine (and often expected) to contact different companies to interview real estate agents. You will be working with the agent to find something very personal to you and your situation- a home. It’s not unreasonable to find someone with whom you connect in order to find the best fit. Plus, it can make the process much more enjoyable for everyone involved if there’s a good rapport between agent and client. Prior to meeting with agents, consider coming up with a list of questions to ask so that each interview hits the sam points. This will give a better idea of each of the agents and may be the help in deciding between two agents.

It is important to remember that most agents work on commissions, not salary. Be sure that if you are planning on hiring a real estate agent, that you will use them for the whole process. No one likes to feel like they are working for free. Once you have an agent, it’s a good idea to communicate with others through the agent. Calling on a home and contacting another agent without consulting the agent working on helping you buy isn’t incredibly polite, and it cuts out a lot of the work that the real estate agent is supposed to be handling for you. It can be stressful in a workplace to be unaware of what is happening, especially if it is your job to handle the case. Allow the agent to take the stress of contacting other agents and owners so that you can relax and focus on the important task at hand- deciding on your new residence!

Another reason that it is important to allow your agent to contact sellers is because they are working on two different ends of the deal- one agent is working to help their client sell a home, while the other is fighting to help you find a home that’s suitable for you. Contacting the seller puts more work on the head of the person selling as they are then being asked to take on the workload of the agent helping you.

Be polite with scheduling. There are many people involved in the process of buying a house. Your agent, the homeowners, potentially the homeowner’s agent, and other who may be seeking the help and time of all of the involved parties may be affected by schedules. It’s not uncommon to call your agent and be asked to wait for a bit before a home can be shown or before the agent can meet with you. Be patient if the agent is busy and can’t run to your every beckon call. They may be working with someone else, doing office work, or they may not be scheduled and have family time that day. Additionally, they may be struggling to reach the homeowner’s agent. Be aware of other situation that may be happening and be patient.

If you are unable to make a scheduled showing of appointment, it is polite to contact the agent you are meeting with as soon as the conflict arises so that they can plan accordingly. Cancelling with little to no notice is impolite and can be frustrating as well as less time efficient for the agent. Not showing up for an appointment is even worse, as it leaves the agent and the person showing the home in a position where they are waiting for you. Let them know if you have something come up or traffic is bad so they are aware of how long it may take for you to get to the showing. Most real estate agents will extend you the same courtesy.

When you have finally found the home of your dreams and after all the dust of closing negotiations has settled, remember who has helped you throughout it all. Your real estate agent has worked countless hours to bring you the listings and showings that lead you to this point. You may be wondering how to best thank them. One great big “thank you” could be in the form of telling friends about your experience. Real estate agents thrive on referrals, and honestly- who wouldn’t want their friends to work with the best while buying and selling?

A real estate agent can be a great asset in searching for new property. One of the best ways to help your agent is by being a polite client and ensuring that they can focus on the task at hand. Allow them to put a smile on your face by helping you to find the right place for you in a good time frame, and you’ll be so grateful for their help!

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