Things to Think About When Building a Home

A Fresh New HomeWhen looking at a home, many people choose new construction, or custom-built homes, over resales. Homes are waiting to be built new in Idaho for anyone's specific needs. Below are the top seven upgrades recommended for any home, and also the timing on when those upgrades need to take place .

#7 – Recessed Lighting (also called “Can Lighting”)
In order to save the walls and a messy job later, have recessed lighting added to the new construction. This will be done during the frame stage, and provides great lighting throughout the house (especially with 2-story homes).

#6 – Kitchen Cook-Top Islands
Many people enjoy preparing food together at cooking parties. The cook-top can be installed on the kitchen island for multiple chefs and moving around. Gas/Electric drops will be required for this update, and should be done prior to the cement being poured.

#5 – Intercom & Speaker System
This is a great addition for larger homes—either to have communication available from office to bedrooms, or to enjoy music throughout the entire house. This will need to be added at the frame stage.

#4 – Cable & Power Drops for Flat Panel TVs and Video Monitors
When added during the frame stage, it helps to avoid unattractive power cords running up the walls to the Flat Panel televisions. Additionally, the cost-savings of installing wire for outdoor video monitors is much better than trying to have them retro-fitted.

#3 – Auto-Lights
Automatic light switches can be installed at the frame stage to provide pantries and closets with adequate lights that switch on and off simply by opening and closing the doors.

#2 – Additional Bathrooms
This is done prior to the cement pouring and can drastically improve floor plans by making them more versatile. Home offices often need a separate area for clients to use the facilities. Also, a space with an extra bathroom can be converted easily into an additional guest room or bedroom should the need arise.

Spacious Garages#1 – Large Garages
Many people who purchase custom-built Idaho homes also find they need larger garages. There are three upgrades to consider when requesting a large garage:
1.  Single Garage door width: ensure that the width is around nine feet.
2.  Garage door height: getting extra height to the garage door is essential for those who own boats or will need to place their trucks on lifts when towing.
3.  Garage size: In order to fit the larger/longer vehicles into the garage, the accommodations will need to be 22-feet long. This will need to be determined if appropriate for the particular lot size.

When building that perfect home in your favorite Idaho community, having these upgrades can save time, money, and a great deal of headache in the later stages of homeowner-ship.

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