Things to Know Before Moving to Idaho


Each state has its quirks, and Idaho is no exception. In fact, it might have more quirks than many of the other states in the country, though probably not that many more. Some of these quirks are just incidental things that do not make a difference on your life if you live in Idaho, but there are a few things about the Gem State that can make it difficult or better to live in over other states. For the most part, you can expect a pretty standard existence that might be found anywhere else in America, but there are some divergent points that make Idaho unique, and you are better off knowing what those points are and how they might affect you. In order to educate you on these points, I have compiled a few of them here for you to study and read up on. This is not everything you should know about Idaho if you plan on moving to the state, but they are some of the major points and you should definitely consider them. Sure, you might find yourself more hesitant about making the move, but you are more likely to be more excited. Of course, that is totally up to you. Here are a few things to know before moving to Idaho.

Depending on what time of year it is and how the general global weather trends are progressing, Idaho does get snow. You may remember a few years ago there was a particularly large blizzard that struck Idaho and did not let up for days. It was a large enough blizzard that a large part of the country outside of Idaho got hit pretty hard, but Idaho, in particular, got a lot of snow, a lot of wind, and things were cold for a while. If you plan to spend any kind of extended stay in Idaho, you can probably expect to have at least a few days of winter weather that's ideally spent indoors. Storms like the one I mentioned are few and far between, but weaker storms do happen on occasion and snowfall is a given when it comes to Idaho. Of course, weather is also one of the reasons a lot of people really do like Idaho. The nice thing about a blizzard is that it makes for excellent skiing and other outdoor winter activities. Further, every other month outside of winter is pretty pleasant. Sometimes there are extremes, and Idaho can get hot, though it is not likely to get Texas hot or Sahara Desert hot. You can expect many mild months of comfortable weather.

Beyond the weather, Idaho is a state that can pretty much cater to everyone’s tastes and interests. Within the borders of Idaho, there is something for you to love, no matter who you are. Are you very outdoorsy? Do you love to go hiking and swimming, and are you excited by the prospect of dangerous rapids traversed in a sturdy raft? Then Idaho is got you covered better than most other states in the Union. Are you more of a city person? Idaho currently has a lot going on when it comes to cities and is always growing. Boise is a pretty large city and there are other metropolitan areas sprinkled across the state. Of course, Boise is no New York City or Los Angeles, but if you need something on that level, those are the cities where you would be. The great news is that Idaho is going to be becoming more and more of a place for city people and it will do very little to diminish the natural wonders you can experience in the state. Really, the amazing thing about Idaho is that if you are both a city person and someone who loves to get in touch with their natural side, you will be right at home. Feel like staying in or hitting the streets? Just hang out in Boise for a while. Tired of the streets and need some trees in your life? A few miles outside the city you are guaranteed to find sights and views scrumptious to your soul. Finally, because Idaho is a growing place, that means financial security and employment are going to come to you. There are lots of jobs and the economy is going great in Idaho.

Idaho is going through something of a culinary renaissance right now. Quality food and beverages are becoming more and more important, and there are new restaurants opening every week that exist to bring you new eating experiences that will absolutely blow you away. In particular, the beer and wine industry are exploding in Idaho, with tons of breweries and vineyards gaining a lot of traction on the world stage. Some Idaho wines are even winning awards overseas because they are just so good. And craft beer is very important to a lot of Idahoans. They have had enough of store-bought, generic beer brands that taste awful and do nothing interesting. There are so many Idahoans experimenting with beer and making drinks that are going to make you salivating for more. Boise is probably the capital for Idaho quality beer production, but you can go pretty much everywhere in Idaho and find a bar serving something very special.

And there you have it. Two things you to love about Idaho and one thing that may or may not be neutral for you. If you can get past the winters (which are not always bad), you are almost certainly going to have a good experience and more living in Idaho. But you will only know for sure if you take the time to try it out.

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