Things All First Timers to Boise Must Do


Have you ever been to Boise? If not, then there may be a chance that you have not heard much about it (unless you are an Idaho resident), rather it is a great place to visit! Boise has kind of exploded in the last decade and has become an incredible city with a whole bunch of different things to do and destinations to explore. Idaho is growing and growing, and a lot of that growth is concentrated in the Treasure Valley and it's capital city Boise. If you are considering a visit to Idaho, there are seemingly countless destinations and activities to discover! And, of course, one of those places that may be calling out to you is Boise. That leaves the question "What is there to do in Boise?" There are a few things that everyone may want to consider checking out if it's their first time in Boise. So, if you are suddenly finding yourself interested in giving Boise a try, below are a few destinations to considering checking out. And, if you already had plans to go, then you'll have a great start with a list of destinations to consider checking out while you're in the area!

The first thing you may want to consider doing when you get to Boise is to visit the Boise River Greenbelt. The greenbelt is where a lot of what the city has to offer gets concentrated. There are museums along the river and even the city zoo where you can discover various species of exotic wildlife. There are events and concerts that take place along the greenbelt. There is at least one major venue that attracts some big names in music and entertainment and if you go at the right time you might catch a show. If you are going to be spending a lot of time in Boise, you may consider making multiple visits to this area, as there is generally going to be something going on one day that was not happening on another. The docket of activities in the Boise River Greenbelt is always changing, so it is a good idea to pay attention to what is going on there and keeping it in mind as a continuous option. However, there is pretty much always something going on at the greenbelt, so you do not necessarily have to be prepared for a particular event. Even if nothing is happening at all, there is still the greenbelt itself and the river, which are both beautiful and full of life.

The thing you may consider doing in Boise that I find most interesting is a visit to the World Center of Birds of Prey. I tend to harp on and on about how great the place is because I really believe it is truly something special. If you have never heard of the World Center for Birds of Prey or are just not familiar with what it is about, it is basically the mouthpiece in Idaho for helping different endangered bird species. A lot of the large and small raptor species across the planet have had a hard time surviving through all of the changes humans have made to their habitats. The World Center is dedicated to reversing the damage to these habitats and replenishing the populations of these different species. They do this by educating the populous about what is going on with these birds, but really the chief enterprise they are engaged in is breeding more birds and releasing them into the wild to join their wilderness counterparts. The World Center is open most of the time for outsider visitors to come and check out some of the birds they have in captivity (Generally, these are birds that are injured in some way) and get a demonstration on how cool and interesting some of these birds are. If you are a fan of animal life, the World Center can do a lot to make you happy after a visit and you might even find yourself getting more involved in what they are doing.

Another specific and interesting site you should visit is the Old Idaho Penitentiary. This is a prison that was active from the late 1800s and into a large part of the 1900s. It is relatively far outside the city (As you might imagine, not many people wanted to live next to a prison when it was active) but it is well worth the visit. It can be truly fascinating to learn how the penal system evolved in Idaho and the different ways that prisoners lived over the years, from the penitentiary’s start in 1872 when so much of the world was so different from now (That was not long after the Civil War ended), up to the nearly modern era when the prison shut down in 1973. A lot changed during those years and you can see how it all happened in the different exhibits that have been set up within the penitentiary. The whole place has a somewhat unsettling vibe and is even said to be haunted. As you might expect, this was not a happy place for most of its years of operation. However, if you like history, this is a pretty unique glimpse into the past.

There are four of what could be the most interesting and most popular places to go within Boise. Check it out for yourself! If you do not go to them you are sort of missing out. There are seemingly countless places to go that are absolutely worth your time. If you are planning a long stay for your first visit to Boise I highly recommend you do a thorough amount of exploring in and around the city. 

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