The Wonderful Sport of Fishing

Fishing is one of the most fun and relaxing activities you can take part in and Idaho is one of the best places you can do it.Before you go out and buy a fishing pole or jump in your car and head for the closest body of water you need to determine what kind of fishing you want to be doing. This can determine a lot about what kind of equipment you need, what kind of license you need to acquire, and how successful you are going to be. I put fishing into one of four different categories, though I know many will want to either simplify, add complexity to, or change these categories for their own uses. First, there is simple lake fishing. You take one big huge body of water and throw your line out into it. There is not so much to this, though there are certain things you can do that will either raise or lower your chances of catching something. Then you have river fishing. This can be a little more complicated as you have to know where the fish will like to hang out in the river. One spot will be teeming with the little wrigglers and another will be absolutely devoid of all life. If you try and cast into the second one, you are not going to catch anything. Fly fishing can be done in a number of different environments. Sometimes you are on a lake and sometimes you are in a river. The motions you make with fly fishing are entirely different than regular angling and you are trying to attract fish in a very different way. Lastly, there is fishing from a boat. A lot of what you do in boat fishing is the same as in the other forms of fishing, but the addition of being in a boat brings a lot of changes.

And what equipment will you be needing? Well, as I said, it depends on what kind of fishing you are doing, but you can safely narrow it down to the right pole, the right bait, the right clothing, and the right license. Unless you are going deep-sea fishing (And good luck with that in Idaho) you are going to get a pole made for standard angling or fly fishing. They are very different poles and they work in very different ways. Fly fishing is certainly the more difficult form of the sport but that does not mean regular fishing is much easier. Bait adds a further level of complexity as you need to determine the specific kind of fish you want to catch. The kind of bait you are using can make a world of difference. One fish is going to go absolutely crazy for one kind of bait and will completely ignore another. You might think that it is all food to a hungry fish but that is not the case. Like many animals in the animal kingdom, they are adapted to eat certain kinds of food and anything outside their experience either does not register as food or looks dangerous. What kind of clothing you get depends on where you plan on going. For the most part, you want something with pockets and you want something that will stand up to the riggers of hiking around with a bunch of fishing equipment. A lot of fishing involves getting into the water and so for this particular kind of fishing you will want waders. Standing in the middle of a shallow river in your boots or old tennis shoes is not a good idea and not very comfortable. What license you get depends entirely on where you are in the country and what kind of fish you are going after. It is very important that you follow the rules here and only catch your limit. Getting caught outside the law on this sort of thing is not only counterproductive to conservation efforts but also tends to sour the whole experience.

So, now that you have a basic understanding of what you might need for fishing, where should you go to in Idaho for the best chance at catching something? Well, what do you want to catch? Some fish are better for eating and some are better for the sport. Some fish are not worth the trouble and some are trophies you will hold onto forever (Either trophies of experience or physical trophies, though I would more encourage you to eat what you catch or send it back). Some fish are only going to be in very specific parts of the state, swimming in only this particular river or that particular lake. Some fish are pretty much everywhere, and you will not be able to cast a line without pulling one in, even on accident. I recommend doing some research on the different species of fish in Idaho and where they can be found.

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