The Who's Who in Idaho

hot-air-balloon-3_400Many searching for Idaho homes for sale are curious about just how many people from Idaho have made a great impact on the world and earned notoriety of fame. Some think of Idaho as being somewhat out of the public eye, but the truth is Idaho has had quite a few famous people, whether living and dead, who have helped shaped the world one way or another. Here is a brief list of influential people who call or called Idaho their home.

Ernest Hemingway, d. 1961
Famous author and adventurer, Hemingway settled in Ketchum, Idaho after a 25-year relationship with beautiful Sun Valley as a visitor. Though not native to Idaho, he considered it his home, and was his final resting place. His gravesite can be found in Ketchum, ID at the Ketchum Cemetery. 

Ronee Blakley
Most well known for her performance as Nancy's mother in A Nightmare on Elm Street, Blakley is also a singer and songwriter. She was born in Nampa, Idaho and has influenced many with her beautiful voice talent. She also won a National Board of Review award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Nashville.

Marilynne Robinson
A Pulitzer Prize winner, Robinson was born in Sandpoint, Idaho. A prolific American author, she has published novels, essays, and books that have won critical acclaim and recognition from such groups as PEN/Hemingway award, the National Book Award, and, as previously mentioned, the Pulitzer.

Josh Ritter
Born in Moscow, Idaho, Ritter is the lead singer for The Royal City Band. He is not only an Americana songwriter, he is also an author, having published his first novel,  Bright's Passage, in June of 2011.

Picabo Street
Pronounced “peek-a-boo,” Street was born in Triumph, Idaho, and is well known for her amazing skiing ability, including being an Olympic medalist twice over. She was named after a town near where she was born, Picabo, ID. Her name is an Indian word which means, "shining waters" or "silver creek." She joined the U.S. ski team at the young age of 15 and found success in her endeavors. 

Colonel Gregory Boyington, USMC, d. 1988
Born in Coeur d'Alene, and known as “Pappy” by many, Colonel Boyington was a World War II fighting Ace. As the commander of the Black Sheep Squadron, he shot down 26 planes in the Vought Corsair until his plane was taken down. After that, he spent over 20 months as a POW in a Japanese prison camp before he was released and awarded with the Congressional Medal of Honor. 

Chris Petersen
With a million dollar plus salary and loving nickname, "Coach Pete," Petersen burst onto the national scene with the Broncos improbable 2007 Fiesta Bowl Victory over Oklahoma.  Widely desired at bigger schools whenever a head coaching position opens up, Coach Pete seems content to enjoy Boise and all that it offers.  He is a two-time National Coach of the Year winner and sports an amazing winning percentage as a head coach.

Whether native to Idaho, or claiming Idaho homes as their own, many famous people consider this state as their home state--this list is just a quick sampling.  Past heroes, talented writers and authors, and Olympians are just scratching the surface of the plethora of influential people Idaho has attracted and spawned. Who knows what Idaho will produce next.

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