The Ultimate Idaho Road Trip Guide


Idaho is full of fantastic tourist attractions, gorgeous mountain scenery, and tons of breathtaking sights to check out. You’ll find that there really are some unforgettable locations that really need to be checked out in Idaho, and anyone wanting to take a road trip through the state is sure to want to check out these amazing areas of the beautiful Gem state.

Starting along the western border of the state is the fantastic Hells Canyon. This bit of nature is truly a sight to behold and is for sure to take your breath away. The Canyon is the deepest river gorge in North America, its depth even exceeding that of the Grand Canyon! In addition to boating and fishing here, Hells Canyon is a place you need to bring your camera to, with its depth being one of the true breathtaking beauties of the northwest. This amazing scenery truly makes Hells Canyon an attraction that the Gem state is proud to claim!

Moving along to the southwest region of the state, the location of the state’s capital and biggest city, Boise, you will find many must-go-to locations, from fantastic attractions to plenty of natural phenomena as well. In the city of Boise, there are lots of very memorable attractions, including Zoo Boise, Idaho’s biggest zoo and home to animals from everywhere in the world. In addition to housing animals from North and South America, Zoo Boise has mammals, reptiles, arthropods, and amphibians from Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia. The zoo is popular for having many rare animals like the Amur Tiger, the Bald Eagle, and the Komodo Dragon. What puts Zoo Boise on such a high pedestal are its unique interactive exhibits. Visitors can feed the Sloth Bears and giraffes, and every summer the zoo has a colorful walk through butterfly exhibit, in which butterflies can fly freely and may even just land on your arms, or your head!

Another interactive animal experience in Boise can be found at the Aquarium of Boise, which offers not only a look at many interesting underwater animals (like a giant octopus!) but also gives guests the experience of getting close to and being able to touch creatures like starfish, rays, coral, urchins, and even sharks! Visiting these parts of Boise truly is a unique and memorable experience for anyone on an Idaho road trip, and is absolutely a must-visit for anyone who loves animals!

While you are in the Southwest area, be sure to pay a visit to the resort town of McCall. In McCall, there are plenty of great places to stay and things to do, including thrilling water activities in the Salmon River, some of the state’s best skiing (in the winter), hiking, golfing, and learning a bit of Idaho’s history in the fascinating Central Idaho Historical Museum. As an added bonus, McCall really has an old town feel that just makes it a cozy place all around.

Further along the southern part of Idaho, you’ll come across some absolutely breathtaking state and national parks. One of these amazing places is the Craters of the Moon National Park. Any place called Craters of the Moon deserves attention, right? The park gets its name from its resemblance to something otherworldly, and as you go along you will really feel like you are on a planet right out of your favorite science-fiction film. The Craters were created by a volcanic eruption and lava flow in the area, and it is now a very popular place to visit among Idahoans.

Another one of these parks is the City of Rocks National Reserve. It is an awesome place to be and is ideal for those who enjoy rock climbing, hiking, and those who just want to check out some of nature’s beauty. It is a great experience for anyone who wants a little bit of adventure and is an ideal place to spend part of your road trip across the Gem state.

Another one of your stops along the southern part of Idaho should be in Sun Valley. Sun Valley is home to one of the absolute best ski resorts in the entire United States and is home to perhaps the best skiing. Your road trip might not be during the winter, but Sun Valley is still worth a visit. In addition to its gorgeous sights, Sun Valley’s resort has attractions year round. As the name suggests, the sun shines ever so brightly in the area, and there are amazing places to consider going for a hike or go fishing. The resort also has great options for horseback riding and ice skating and even has ice shows in the summertime. If you are lucky, maybe you’ll even find a familiar face or two, as there are many celebrities with homes in the area, including Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Tom Hanks.

When you get up into the northern part of the state, you will definitely need to pay a visit to Coeur d’Alene. This city in Northern Idaho has so many tourist attractions, including a floating golf course, guided adventures along the water (as well as every water sport you can possibly imagine!), and even Silverwood, the largest theme park in the northwest! If you want to spend some time on the water, this is absolutely the place to do it, with great options for boating, paddle boarding, tubing, and water skiing.

With how massive the state of Idaho is, it is truly impossible to see all the memorable things that the Gem state has to offer in one go. These are just several examples of sights and locations that make Idaho such a unique and beautiful place. There are many things for everyone to enjoy in the state, go out and find them on your very own Idaho adventure! But keep coming back, there is always something new to discover in the Gem state. Oh, and be sure to pop into one of the local ice cream parlors during your stay, because you are sure to find yourself some of Idaho’s famous huckleberry ice cream, giving you a delicious treat to have along with your unforgettable journey.


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