Two Important Decisions in Building your Idaho Home

boise-home-32_400You’ve spent most of your adult life tucking away enough money for your dream, custom-built home. Your budget includes extra money for things like a swimming pool, special landscaping and perhaps even new furniture and appliances. You've started searching for Boise Idaho real estate and you just discovered a startling reality in today's market place... since there is a very low inventory, having a new home built may be the best option for you.

Now, its time to consider the two most important decisions homeowners must make before building their new custom home:

1. Selecting the Right Contractors/Builders is Critical To a Successful Home-Building Process
A contractor is critical to the home building process. Contractors supervise workers, make sure the work follows the architect’s plans, and they make sure the home is up to snuff with all local and state building codes.  Contractors also make sure that a home is built on time and within the budget. A great starting point is to inquire of your real estate agent about reputable contractors/builders in Idaho.
When it comes time to building your new home, choosing a builder is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make. Interview several contractors and ask as many questions as you can. How long have they been in business? How many custom homes have they built? Do they have any references? Where are some of the other homes they have built – can you look at some of them? Has there been any complaints against the builder? Do they have any formalized education? If so, where?
2. Plan For The Future When Building your New Idaho Home
Perhaps you intend to spend more time working from home in the future. Maybe you’re thinking about a garage attachment but don’t have a need for one now. Planning for the future is another critical component of the home-building process.
Builders suggest designing a home that will suite your needs 10 years from now. By that time, your specific needs for your home may be drastically different than when you first started building.
That’s why you should allow for a little wiggle room for future growth. Make sure the lot you’re building on and the size of the house can accommodate those future needs.
The overall home design should have future needs in mind, too. While it’s great to customize every inch of your house, you’ll probably eventually sell the home. In other words, that castle-shaped house with shag carpeting in every room might be hard to sell someday.

Dreams Come True

Building a custom-made home can be a very rewarding experience. Always wanted a fireplace? Check. Want granite counter tops and hardwood floors? Check. Room in that 3 car garage for all the toys? Check! Consider your options in selecting a builder and do your homework planning for future changes... and your dream home will be all you envisioned!

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