The Top Five Ways to Stay Fit This Winter in Boise, Idaho


One of our nation's most looming problems is the rise in heart disease and related illnesses. 

Lucky for those of us who call Idaho home, there are more than enough ways to keep healthy and fit, or get that way, without spending lots of money. Of course, Idaho in the summer is different than Idaho in the winter, and for many of us, getting healthy during the warmer months is far less daunting than during the colder ones.

Regardless of what time of year it is, Idaho's temperatures are largely liveable, creating an atmosphere ideal for taking advantage of the outdoor recreation that keeps our state active and healthy. Though once the temperatures hit a certain low, it's too easy to trap ourselves indoors and wait it out, which oftentimes results in a forthcoming battle of the bulge. But if you live in and around Boise, Idaho, not even winter is an adequate excuse for not staying fit. Our state's capital offers plenty of activities to stay in shape the entire year.

No. 1 Running is the ultimate sport when it comes to blasting calories, and an Idaho winter is no excuse to not lace up your shoes and hit the pavement. The Treasure Valley is teeming with trails, particularly in the foothills, where novice to elite runners take it to the dirt and enjoy getting and staying fit while surrounded by Idaho's overwhelming beauty. Snow in the valley usually doesn't stick to the pavement, leaving more than enough days to get your heart rate up. Oh, and we can't forget to mention the Boise Greenbelt, a paved pathway that stretches for more than 25 miles through the heart of our city. It makes for an enjoyable run no matter what month it is.

No. 2 Boise's 850 acres of parks makes it easy to get out and remain active even through the coldest winter months. And you don't have to be a runner to stay fit or to burn calories. The Greenbelt connects through Boise's largest and most popular parks, so you can enjoy an easy stroll along the Boise River with your friends and the pets while easily torching approximately 100 calories per mile.

No. 3 Boise's beautiful downtown is loaded with stairs. Try any parking garage, park at the top floor and work your way up and down for one of the craziest and most effective workouts you can get. Traveling up and down stairs can leave even the most fit body breathless, so you can try to walk intervals every floor or so. Or if you're looking for a challenge try out two steps at a time! This activity is perfect for even the chilliest of days.

No. 4 Boise Towne Square is the largest mall in Idaho, and is located in the heart of Boise. No matter how cold it is it's an easy drive away and an excellent opportunity to spend $0 on a workout. It can be the coldest day of the year, and the mall doors will be open for your walking pleasure. Easily pack on the miles with as many round trips up and back the two floors you can handle. According to WebMD, walking for 30 minutes, 5 days a week at a brisk pace will help ward off disease.

No. 5 Idaho's outdoor bounty makes wintertime a recreational paradise and the ultimate way to stay in shape during the months preceding swim season. Even if you can't hit the slopes, there are tons of ways to stay outside and get fit and have fun while doing it. In Boise you'll find countless activities to bump up the calorie burn, including ice skating, snowshoeing, hiking and sledding.

Need that extra push to get motivated? Find a personal reason that's important to you, such as controlling your weight, enhancing your muscles or reducing your risk for disease.

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