The Table Upon a Rock, Idaho's Beautiful Landmark

Posted by Kevin Hughes on Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 at 11:11pm.

The Gorgeous Boise Night ViewTable Rock, a monument located in Idaho, is truly unique. Few mountains can offer such exciting hiking and biking by day, followed by exceptional entertainment and dining by night. It is no wonder that Idaho real estate owners love living in the area!

Table Rock is one of the most popular recreational spots in Idaho for a reason. The rounded hill actually calls the dynamic city of Boise, and watches over the Idaho state capital from only a few miles to the south and east of the city itself. Since so many residents of Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and other neighboring cities take the mountain for granted, Table Rock has been called a local treasure, hidden in plain sight.

The name Table Rock comes from the remarkably level summit of this sandstone hill. The property itself is owned by the Idaho Historical Society, which is appropriate since it offers a view of truly historic beauty. The tourist, or local, can stand there and enjoy a vista that stretches from the beautiful valley below, all the way to the mountains of Oregon beyond. On the top of this hill, there is a cross that becomes lit at sunset.

Table Rock also offers a stunning view of downtown, the Capital, including Boise State University and Stadium, with its world famous blue turf. At dusk, a visitor can watch the vibrant cities blaze to life below from this exceptional piece of Idaho real estate. To find an equal to Table Rock, you would have to visit Griffin Park in Los Angeles. With Boise State at the bottom of the hill, the band can often be heard and enjoyed. Concerts are held at the base of the trail near the Old Idaho State Penitentiary. 

Old Idaho State Penitentiary

Table Rock is easy to find. Those who own or buy  Boise real estate can simply look Southeast, and it’s not much harder for visitors. From the Boise Airport, take Broadway toward the city. Turn right on Warm Springs Avenue, and after a couple of miles look for signs to Old Penetentiary Road or the Botanical Gardens. Turn left, and before entering the Gardens itself, look for a small road heading off to the left. This road leads around a bend to the trail head and parking lot.

There are few pieces of Idaho property which offer the beauty, convenience, and ease of access of Table Rock. The fact that visitors can reach the summit by foot, bike or car makes it the perfect destination. 

Visit Table Rock. Discover the local treasure, hidden in plain sight and its Boise home.


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