The Reasons Why People Buy New Homes

Posted by on Thursday, July 31st, 2014 at 3:10pm.

meridian_homes_3_400Buying new homes is thought of as a wonderful idea by many, but others prefer buying existing homes. It is up to the buyer to decide, but they should have as much knowledge as possible on the pros and cons of buying new construction homes so they can make an informed decision that makes the most sense for them. Here are some of the main reasons why buyers would pick new construction property in Idaho:


Probably the number one reason that home buyers purchase new homes is that they get to customize just about everything inside their new home. It feels great to have something that you picked out, rather than having just what came with the house. Builders today also feature many different floor plans and home styles to choose from so you can find what will suit you best. Your real estate agent, that should know your preferences well, will work with the you and the builder to ensure what you want comes across in your home.

Quality and Efficiency

Think how much technology has advanced from where it was ten, fifteen, or fifty years ago--the process of building homes is no different. In today's day and age, homes are built according to superior building, earthquake, and energy codes. When buying new construction property in Idaho, you aren't just picking the new home for its aesthetics; new homes deliver top-notch quality. Even more importantly, builders take special care today to be sure homes are more energy efficient, even new garage doors help with this as they have far more insulation and are much more energy-efficient. Energy efficiency reduces your carbon footprint as well as the amount of money you spend on heating, cooling, and energy costs. Modern heaters, air conditioning units, toilets, and appliances that come in new homes are usually Energy Star rated, while if you bought an existing home, making all the updates on everything in the home would be very expensive. Ultimately, energy efficiency in new homes should save you hundreds of dollars a year.


Those buying property in Idaho who don't want to fool around with fixing things around the house often decide on new construction homes. Just like new cars, new homes often cause fewer and less drastic problems for their owners. Do you really want to worry about taking out a huge stump in front of an old house or fixing a pipe problem? New homes often come with a valuable warranty from the builder that covers a host of common housing issues.

Building a new home is not just for the wealthy--there are great builders that specialize in building homes in each price range. Don't just assume that when buying a house it will be a pre-existing home. Just like anything else in real estate, you want to make calm, calculated decisions. Search all area new construction property instantly by adjusting the year built on the search function to 2012!

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Rich Cederberg wrote: Aside from custom homes, I find maintenance to be the biggest reason Albuquerque home buyers purchase new over resale. The lure of not having to replace a major appliance for 5-7 years is often too much to pass up. Posted on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 at 8:34pm.
Calgary Insulation wrote: Thank you for sharing! I know that getting more efficient energy consumption is also a big reason to buy a new home. Here in Calgary, insulation makes a big difference in how much you pay in utilities. Posted on Thursday, January 10th, 2013 at 5:19pm.

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