The Pebble Creek Ski Lodge




Skiing at the Pebble Creek Ski Area is a great way to spend the day. There are 54 ski runs on over 1,000 acres of skiable terrain. The western slope of Mount Bonneville is serviced by three triple chair lifts that provide access to almost the entire western side of the ski area. It provides some truly challenging skiing, and while Pebble Creek is also a great place to learn how to ski, over half of the terrain on the mountain is for advanced skiers.

After a great day of skiing, or if you just need a break, you’ll be making your way back to the lodge at Pebble Creek. It’s a great place to get warm, grab a bite to eat, or just relax for a bit before heading back out onto the mountain. You’ll find plenty to take care of any of your needs at the ski lodge, and you’ll soon see why the lodge is a popular place on the mountain.

The Lodge Cafeteria

Not only is the upper level of the lodge a great place to hang out and get ready for a day of skiing, it also provides incredible views of the mountain and valley. Of course, you aren’t just at the lodge to hang out. Skiing the Pebble Creek slopes can take a lot of energy from you, and you probably want a bite to eat and something warm to drink before you head back out into the cold.

The cafeteria has plenty to offer, and you certainly won’t go hungry here. You’ll find delicious French fries that are cut fresh, and when you bite into them, you’ll see right away why the French fries are the signature dish of the lodge. You’ll also be able to enjoy daily specials. If you want a burger, hot dog, soup, or pizza, you’ll find plenty of short order food items at the cafeteria as well. Don’t forget hot drinks like coffee and hot chocolate. You can also relax on the deck with a glass of wine or a nice beer.

Rock Bottom Saloon

If you’re at Pebble Creek during the weekend, the best way to end your day of skiing isn’t at the cafeteria upstairs. You’ll want to head downstairs and check out the Rock Bottom Saloon. This is a classic ski bar, and you’ll be able to enjoy a nice drink while you talk about your adventures skiing the mountain. The walls are decorated with old ski memorabilia, and it’s a truly unique experience to check out everything that the Rock Bottom Saloon has. On Sunday nights, you’ll also be able to enjoy live music.

Day Lockers and Bag Storage

While you might just leave some of your more valuable personal possessions at home or in your car, there’s some stuff you’ll simply need to have with you at Pebble Creek. Don’t worry about having to leave your bag of spare clothes or gear out in the open. You can rent a locker for only 50 cents a day to lock up anything valuable you might have with you. There are shelves and other cubbies upstairs, but be wary. These aren’t secured, so don’t keep anything valuable in your bag if you use the cubbies. Unfortunately, thieves have been known to steal bags.


Restrooms are important to have, and Pebble Creek has men’s and women’s restrooms, as well as a handicap accessible restroom. The restrooms are in the downstairs section of the lodge. You can either access them from the upstairs section, or there’s also a slope side entrance, so you can get to the restrooms right from the mountain.

Private Parties

During the winter, you can rent out the lodge and the aspen area for a private group. You’ll want to check Pebble Creek’s website for information about pricing and times available, but if you want to have a private skiing event, that is possible.

You can also rent out the ski lodge for a wedding, or another private party. You’ll have to provide your own food and refreshments. Alcohol is allowed, but if you have a keg, it’ll need to be kept out on the deck.

Ski and Play at the Lodge

The Pebble Creek Ski Area is a great place to spend a day, or weekend, skiing. And the lodge is a great place to take a break, relax, and warm up before heading back onto the slope. You’ll find anything you could need at the lodge to make your experience at Pebble Creek the best. So be sure to take advantage of the lodge the next time you go skiing.

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