The Latest and Greatest Construction at BSU

Downtown BoiseA move to the Boise area might include enrollment at Boise State University for you or a family member. Both the city of Boise and the University are growing and expanding.  

To meet the growth in student enrollment, Boise State has begun construction on a new $15.8 million housing project. This project will provide a home for an additional 360 students. Currently there are 2,300 students living in six residence halls on campus, as well as in numerous apartment complexes. To keep up with student growth, the university has doubled its housing capacity since 2004.  

Officials say the additional housing not only meets the growing demand, but will provide some students the opportunity to live on campus for all four years of their studies.  
These new structures will line both sides of Lincoln Avenue, south of the existing Lincoln Parking Garage. There will be 90, two-story townhouse-style units. Each unit will feature four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Compared to typical student housing, these units will offer more space.  

This project will offer a campus living option specifically to juniors and seniors, and is the first project by Boise State for upperclass students. This project is the first part of a 874-bed project scheduled to begin construction at a later date. Construction began late in January of 2001, and has a planned completion date of January 2012. The project is currently on schedule.  

Boise State University President Bob Kustra cites studies that indicate placing students in the center of campus life nurtures and develops a sense of citizenship and belonging to the university community. Kustra adds this housing project will allow a student to live directly on campus for four years, and believes this will positively impact the student’s success at the university.  

Jeff Hale, executive director of University Housing, echos Kustra’s remarks. Hale said the right residential facilities are necessary to have a residential experience. Housing needs to be more than just a place where students can 

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live. In order to complete the collegiate experience, the housing location needed to allow students to better connect to, and access, the library, the Student Union, campus recreation and health services.  

The Lincoln housing project will be funded jointly by redirected bond proceeds (resulting from previous building project savings) and money from university and student housing reserve funds. All construction costs will be repaid to the university through future student housing revenues. 

This is a great time to move to Boise and to join the Boise State University student community

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