The Importance of Resale Value in Your Next Idaho Home


Looking to buy a home in the beautiful state of Idaho? Still deciding between Boise homes, Nampa homes, Meridian homes, or Eagle homes? Regardless of which area you ultimately decide to live in, your Idaho home is more than just your home. Get started with your Idaho property search today by clicking here - Search Idaho Property Listings

In the eyes of most buyers, a home's value lies in its ability to satisfy their needs and wants. Of course, this isn't untrue. A home's value is extremely subjective, and changes from person to person. However, a home's value according to the real estate market is not subjective, and falls under an extensive web of various factors. Because your future home is going to be more than just your home, and you likely will want to sell at some point in the future, it's wise to become comfortable with this web of factors. These factors determine your home's resale value, and in turn, should determine whether or not you want to buy it. Home is home, but it's also an investment. Likely, the largest investment you'll ever make. Here's how to make the most of it.

Location! Location is extremely important when it comes to the value of a home. Before the home appraiser looks at the condition of the home itself, he/she will look at the state of the neighborhood, and the state and size of all the homes in the vicinity. There are a slew of nuances that affect home value, including your neighbor's bad habit of leaving their hoards of treasures (or not so treasurly) all over the lawn. On the flip side, your neighbor's nit-picky approach to lawn care-the perfect edge to the flower bed, beautiful green grass, trimmed bushes, and so on, helps boost the value.

The appraiser will evaluate the overall condition of the house. They'll look at area in terms of square feet, the structural integrity of the home, number of bedrooms & bathrooms, central air, basement or no basement & its functionality, garage, energy efficiency and the aforementioned landscaping and curb appeal. The appraiser will look at the yard and the outside condition of the home, such as paint and signs of a failing foundation or roof damage. Once inside, they'll inspect the walls for damage and the status of the carpet. They will also check out the home's wiring & plumbing. Curb appeal plays an important part, not only to your home, but to all the homes on the street. While the curb appeal to the house next door plays a part in assessing the state of the neighborhood, it becomes more of an issue when it's time to sell. So, when you're choosing an Idaho neighborhood to call home, look up and down the street. Spend some time poking your nose around. What is the crime rate? What are the local schools like? How far away is the nearest service? Is a hospital nearby? How busy is the street? Pay attention to the overall quality of life in the area. Tip: Parks make a home more valuable. They provide needed recreation, and boost the entire community. (which is part of what makes Boise and the surrounding suburbs so valuable!)

As you can see, the value of an Idaho home depends on a lot of different factors. It's important to keep in mind that your next home is also a big investment in both time and money. Search for homes in Boise, Nampa, and Meridian Idaho in a number of great communities that will serve both your personal home needs now and in the future.

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