The Importance of Good Neighbors


You shouldn't think of homes in Idaho as being on an island, here in Idaho it is a part of a neighborhood and larger community. The house could be perfect, but with neighbors that really cramp your style, it isn't nearly as fun. Learn what professionals suggest to ensure you have good neighbors when buying homes in Idaho.

Talk to the Sellers

subdivisions1_sm_300_01You may forget that sellers can be a great resource for you as a home buyer. In addition to asking them about what they loved and didn't love about the home, ask them about the neighbors. Ask them if they've ever had any problems with their neighbors.   

Talk to the Neighbors

As crazy as it may sound, if you want to know what your neighbors are like, talk to them! . Ask them about the neighborhood and explain that you are seriously looking into buying the home. Having a good, working relationship with your neighbors is incredibly important, because even if they don't end up being your best friends they will make your life easier or harder depending on how you get along. Don't forget how nice it is to be able to knock on their door if you have a problem or need to borrow an egg.

Do Your Homework

In addition to valuing the opinion of the sellers and neighbors, enlist your experienced Hughes Group real estate agent in determining if the home and neighbors would be right for you. Remember they have sold hundreds of homes in Idaho and may see things you haven't imagined. Also, pay attention to your overall feeling about the home and area. If you love the home today and feel totally good about it, you likely will in a year. Walk around the area and see what the neighbors and subdivision is like. You will want to see it on different days and at various times of the day to make sure people don't zoom down the street on a regular basis or that there isn't other hidden problems.

It might take a little more work, but it will definitely be worth your effort to find homes in Idaho where you can enjoy your association with your neighbors. Other agents may not be all about helping you with smaller, but important parts of buying a home, Hughes Group customer- focused agents would love to help you with anything you need. Homes in Idaho generally have wonderful neighbors, and a double check doesn't have to be too tough.

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