The Idaho Potato Drop and Other New Year’s Events


New Year’s Eve is an awesome time of year. It is a time for fun, a time for reflection, and a time to plan for the upcoming year. Here in Idaho, there are thousands of ways to ring in the New Year, some of which are quiet, socially distant, and some rambunctious. Whichever way you want to celebrate the passing of the New Year though, you can find something to do here in Idaho. In this article, we will go over some of the more popular events that happen New Year’s Eve and some of the things that happen on New Year’s Day as well. As always, be sure to check for current weather conditions, road closures, hours of services and updates on any last minute closures or cancellations prior to heading out to a destination or event. 

New Year’s Eve

The Idaho Potato Drop

2021 marks the 9th annual Idaho Potato Drop, a tradition that will live on in the Treasure Valley for years to come. The Idaho Potato Drop is the Idaho twist on the traditional ball drop that happens in New York’s Time Square where we have replaced the ball with a potato. However, just watching a giant spud be lowered to the ground would be boring without the rest of the rocking entertainment they have there. In times past, there are local bands playing great music, food vendors of all kinds, and even a firework show. It is an event for all ages so everyone is welcome.

The Idaho Potato Drop is located just in front of the Idaho State Capitol Building in downtown Boise encompassing Capital Park and the streets surrounding the Capitol. You can find more information about the Idaho Potato Drop on their website 

Hot Spring Hopping

If you would prefer to spend your New Year’s Eve enjoying the great outdoors, you might want to consider taking advantage of Idaho’s hot springs. Thanks to the volcanic activity that courses under Idaho there is a lot of geothermal water sources and plenty of options. These geothermal water sources are great for generating clean energy, heating homes, and creating the ideal conditions for hot springs.

There are hot springs all over Idaho from the Snake River Plain (where Boise is located) to the beautiful hills and mountainsides of Valley County. Whichever you choose though, they are super fun and a great way to stay out of the cold. 

Music Shows

Music is a huge part of the culture of the Treasure Valley. Whether it is Jazz at the Gene Harris Jazz festival, rock at the Revolution, or Metal to Country at the Knitting Factory, you can find your favorite music here and the New Year’s celebrations won’t hinder that by any means. Like we said about the Potato Drop, there are going to be a bunch of free music shows to enjoy. All you need to do is a quick internet search and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying some great music.

New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day 5K Run

There are few things as fun as a charity run, walk, or stroll and as it turns out the Treasure Valley YMCA is sponsoring the New Year's Resolution Run for New Year’s Day. If you want to spend some time helping out a local charity and making a few new friends, then this 5k is for you. The 5k is a 3.1-mile course. It begins near Albertsons Stadium in downtown Boise.

The proceeds of this event are going to the Treasure Valley YMCA’s track and cross country club. It is a club that has helped the lives of Treasure Valley youth for 30 years now by helping them get passionate about sports and physical education.

The Great Polar Bear Plunge 

There aren’t many reasons why we would willing jump into freezing cold water, but it seems that every January 1st a lot of us in the Treasure Valley get up the courage to take the plunge; the Great Polar Bear Plunge.

The Great Polar Bear Plunge is another charity event that you see every year on New Year’s Day. Designed to sponsor the Idaho Make-a-Wish Foundation, the Polar Bear Plunge is a call to one and all to come take a leap into the frigid water of Lucky Peak. It is a fun time when people get out there jet skis, their swimsuits, and all their other lake gear and enjoy a day at the beach despite the sub-freezing temperatures.

The event is an annual favorite that usually has a really good turnout ever year. It is also a safe event. There are medical crews standing by to help anyone who might be in need of some help.

Breakfast and Brunch

There is one way to make New Year’s Day special, and that is with good food. There are some great eateries around the Treasure Valley and many of them are offering New Year’s specials for those willing to brave the chill. One of the places you may want to check out is Merritt’s Family Restaurant which offers 'to go' and 'pick up' options. This awesome local diner is the best place for breakfast food in the area, so be sure to hop in the car bright and early and get ready for some great grub.

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are special times of the year and they need to be celebrated right. So, be sure to have as much fun as you can as we usher in 2021.

If you want to know more about the fun things we have to do in Boise, contact the Hughes Group today. We would love to help you get to know the Boise area and to fall in love with it just as we have.

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