The Home Expansion Illusionist...

Home Upgrades?Do you wish your home felt larger? It's possible to make an interior space feel larger than it actually is. Small spaces can affect moods, look depressing and be a challenging place to live. By following some inexpensive steps, a space can be made to look larger and to be a more satisfying residence or more appealing to buyers.

Whenever possible, refrain from using small pieces of furniture. Small pieces can make a space appear cluttered. Choose medium sized furniture items that fit the style of the home.
Hang mirrors to make a space look larger and brighter. Use one large mirror or a number of smaller mirrors. Position the mirrors throughout all of the necessary spaces. They will bring in the light from outside and will reflect the objects from the rooms inside.

Keep the lines in the spaces as simple and uncluttered as possible. Use a common theme and carry it throughout the entire home. Choose a few colors that will work well together and that can be applied in every room. Section off parts of a space with pieces of furniture, plants or screens. This will make the entire space look larger.

Cream and blue tones are effective color combinations for small spaces. The light colors make a space appear larger and brighter because they reflect light and seem airy. Use as many soft, light tones as possible throughout the space. Light and dark colors can be combined when painting the border and trim. The moldings can be painted in lighter colors. This will make them look further away when combined with a more muted wall color.

Resist placing all of the home items around the outside of each room. Place pieces at angles within the space. This will make the rooms look larger and will enable you to place more pieces in one space. Use furniture that can serve as multi-functional items. A chest of drawers can serve as a dresser, a buffet or a storage unit. Keep the lines of the furniture as simple as possible. Consider buying expandable pieces such as dining room table with a hidden center leaf.

Use bright, bold lighting fixtures. Position them in unexpected areas. Light up corners spaces to add the appearance of more life.

Making Things BiggerKeep clutter tucked away by having a place for everything and everything in its place. Use under bed storage units, closet organizers, shelves for storage.

Add as many vertical design elements as possible to the space. Use tall lamps, shelving units and plants to make the rooms appear larger than they are. Even though your home might be located in a community of smaller sized homes, buyers will be surprised at the feel of roominess as the come into your home.

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