The Historic North End

 The historic north end of Boise

The weather is nice. A gentle breeze whispers across the table, and the sun is pleasantly warm on your skin. Over the sounds of cars driving by, people talking, and others walking down the sidewalks, you can hear the birds and the gentle rustle of the wind blowing through the leaves of trees. This is the best lunch you’ve ever had, eating at a sidewalk café in Boise’s North End.

This is a beautiful and vibrant historic neighborhood, and a shining example of the lifestyle that you could have when you buy Boise real estate. North End is a fusion of old and new, urban and nature. It sits at the bottom of the Boise Foothills, and just above State Street and the Idaho State Capitol Building. North End is a bastion of culture and entertainment, and the gateway to the great outdoors. It’s filled with stunning and varied architecture; Harrison Boulevard (the main street of the North End) is full of beautiful homes.

Around the Block

North End was originally a remote neighborhood, built around the Harrison Boulevard. At the time, the boulevard was known by a different name. Originally, it was 17th Street. However, when our nation’s 23rd president came to visit, the City Council voted to rename the street after him. Harrison Boulevard is named after none other than President Benjamin Harrison. He actually signed the act that officially made Idaho a state.

Perhaps that became the reason so many prominent Boise residents started building houses along Harrison Boulevard. Whatever the case, it resulted in the who’s who of Boise trying to outdo each other’s homes. This created an eclectic mixture of beautiful homes, varying in size and architectural styles. In 1916, a median parkway and street lights were added, increasing the draw to live in the North End. Today, this neighborhood is one of the most historic, and beautiful, that Boise has to offer. In fact, Harrison Boulevard is on the National Register of Historic Places, and the entire community was named a local historic district by the city.

Hyde Park

This historic retail hub is where you would have had that beautiful outdoor lunch. This is the heart of the North End, and it’s full of character and history. It has incredible architecture, and it’s been said to rival the Niles District in Oakland. When you test out for yourself, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what Idaho has to offer.

Hyde Park is home to tons of activities and events. After you’ve settled into your new home, you’ll definitely want to check out the Hyde Park Street Fair. This is a multiple day event featuring great music, entertainment, food, and fun. Good food, entertainment, and friends are what make Hyde Park thrive.

This part of the North End is also popular for another reason. It’s the gateway to some of the best exploring trails in the Treasure Valley. It’s right next to the Boise Foothills, Hill Road, and Bogus Basin, which are all full of trails and adventure. Hyde Park is the epitome of life in Idaho. The perfect blend of old and new, urban and rural, with easy access to nature, and it’s full of cultural events and other entertainment activities.

Life in North End

If you’re looking for Idaho real estate that has it all, look no further than Boise’s North End. You can live in the biggest city in Idaho, but you don’t give up that small town feeling you’re looking for. From beautiful homes to beautiful businesses, and stunning parks and wilderness, North End really has it all.

This little slice of Boise is full of history, and that history is being actively preserved. There is a neighborhood association dedicated to revitalizing old homes and restoring and preserving them. Living in the North End isn’t so much a choice as a lifestyle. You are looking to buy a home because you want to enjoy all of the outdoors that Idaho and Boise have to offer, and you love the easy access. The small town feeling resonates with you, and you can’t wait to dive into Hyde Park and explore everything including pubs, hills, parks, festivals, and much more.

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