The Fantastic Close- An Escrow List that can save your Sanity- 10 items to get done now!


Everything has been done....  You found the home of your dreams in Boise, Idaho.  You wrote an offer.  The sellers accepted.  You did a home inspection, the seller agreed to all repairs you requested.  You got your loan approved.  There were no issues with the title report.  You are ready to close.  What can possibly go wrong at this point?  Well, it is amazing when there is a 30-45 days to get everything done during the escrow period and it’s only in the last 45 minutes before closing that anybody thinks of these things.  

In order to avoid that stress, here are 10 things you can do to make sure the Idaho home closes AND you save your sanity: 

1. Transfer all utilities into your name as of the day of closing.  You do not want a lapse of gas heat in February (at least not on your Boise home!).

2. Decide how you are going to get the keys from the seller.  This should be addressed before you have the moving van in front of the house.

3. Make sure your down payment and closing costs are certifiable funds.  Do not bring in a check from an out of town bank.  It could hold up closing.

4. Bring picture ID to the closing.  They will need it to notarize the documents.

5. Do not buy any big-ticket items right before closing.  This could throw your debt to income ratio out of whack and cause you to no longer qualify for the loan.

tablet_smart_phone1_sm_300_036. Do not quit your job right before closing.  The lender will sometimes call to verify employment that day.  It may seem funny but it has happened!

7. Make sure you have done your walk through before you sign the paperwork to verify that all the repairs are completed and the home is in substantially the same condition as it was when you put the offer in.  You have a lot more leverage before you sign on the dotted line!

8. If you like to read everything you sign at your own pace, try to arrange to get a copy of the closing documents the day before so you will not be rushed.

9. Review the homeowners association documents before you get to the closing table.  There are time frames in the contract that if you do object, you can cancel.

10. Make sure you get copies of everything you signed.  Remember, some of the closing costs may be tax deductible.  Make sure to give your accountant a copy of your closing statement.  

If you take these steps, the closing on your Idaho real estate will go much more smoothly.  Oh, one more thing to do:  Make sure the escrow officer or realtor knows how to reach you when the property funds!  Now the real fun begins; time to move into your new Boise home.  Its time to call all your friends to help with the move!

Kevin Hughes

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