The Facts About Your Idaho Home Appraisal

Boise homeOne part of your Idaho real estate investment is the appraisal process. Among every state, Idaho real estate is intermingled with a roster of exclusive vocab terms, such as market value, mortgage rate, pre-approval, home inspection, and of course, appraisal. But before you are ready for the appraisal, you need to find the right house. Start your Idaho homes search here: Idaho Properties for Sale.

An Idaho real estate appraisal helps to establish a home's market value, or if you'd rather, the likely sales price it would offer if put on the competitive real estate market.

Your Boise home (or for that matter all Idaho homes) appraisal is required by the lender, as they want to ensure the property will sell for at least the amount of money it is lending. It's easy to mix up a comparative market analysis, which is provided by your real estate agent to help home sellers come up with a realistic asking price, unlike the appraisal price, which is much more detailed and the only documentation the bank will consider upon its lending decision.

Idaho appraisers and appraisals

Your appraiser will be a licensed professional by the state of Idaho. They will have completed coursework and internship hours that familiarized them with our Idaho real estate market.

The bank may have an appraiser on its list of staff or utilize an independent appraiser. If you are able to choose who appraises the home, the bank may subject the results to extensive review.

The appraiser will be a third party entity who has no financial connection to any person involved in the transaction, and you likely pay for the appraisal when you ask for the loan.

The residential appraisal reports are very detailed, and include numerous things. On it you'll notice a side by side comparison of three similar properties. It will include an evaluation of the overall real estate market in the community, and certain side notes such as difficult access to the residence. Of course, the report will include serious issues with the home, such as a crumbling foundation. These reports can be done with a cost approach or a sales comparison approach. Your cost approach is most useful for new Idaho properties, where the cost to build is known. The sales comparison estimates "comparable" properties that have sold in the area.

Boise home kitchenWhile you can, and should get personal approval early on in the home buying process, the final loan will be accomplished by a satisfactory appraisal. The bank is essentially protecting itself in case of default. Issues that may decline the loan are shared private access roads, if the estimated time to sell the property is longer than the area average, and so on.

As appraisals play a pivotal part in the home buying process, it's wise to know the facts.

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