The Enjoyment of Acreage


Homes with property for sale are what most people consider when thinking about Idaho real estate. Wide open spaces, stereotypical cattle ranches and large potato farms sound common, especially for those who have never lived in our state. But what is very surprising to those who are considering making the move to Boise and its surrounding areas is that you really can enjoy a home that comes with as much land as you need when you move to Idaho!

Acreage living as a way of life

Although many current Idaho residents did not originate here, many who have found it a great place to live have also come to know that it is easy to find homes with property for sale in almost every county or region. Residents with horses or other livestock enjoy the relaxed atmosphere; rich in outdoor beauty and opportunities to ride, walk, gallop, or meander for miles on end. Likewise, residents with a love for Motorsports, hunting, fishing, hiking, or water activities can experience seemingly endless places to test their skill and passion. It is likely that you will find homes with property for sale within just a few miles of your favorite outdoor recreation spot, with access to it right out the back door!

house_brick16_sm_300While there are plenty of Idaho communities that can boast of close-knit neighborhoods and suburban life as well, the hallmark of living in the Gem State is making your home one that is versatile enough to appreciate the acreage you have at your fingertips. If you are currently looking for more room and would like to search for acreage homes with property for sale, it only takes a moment to find what you need at or

Finding perfect homes with property for sale

Many Boise area real estate professional have had experience selling homes with acreage. Be sure you find a Realtor who is knowledgeable about acreage properties in the community you are interested in, or at least is resourceful enough to be able to get you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

You can do much of the legwork yourself using internet searches to find the perfect acreage community and neighborhood that measures up to what you really want. Talk to others who enjoy the same type of recreation that you do so that you can decide if the community you are considering is really a right fit for you, then enlist the help of your real estate agent once you have narrowed down more specifically what you are looking for. The amount of time and frustration you will save just by doing your homework will be worth it!

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