The DO’s and DON’Ts of working with a real estate professional


Many Boise real estate agents have shared insight into a profession that is sometimes undervalued or under appreciated. A list of helpful hints may prove beneficial to you, especially when you are about to purchase something as important and costly as your new home.

DO let your realtor know if you will be late, or not be able to make an appointment. Time is valuable to everyone, and Boise real estate agents are no different. Potential clients who do not view their realtor’s time as important will likely not get the service they desire as they search for a home.

Additionally, many Boise real estate agents will work nights and weekends if it is most convenient for their clients. Unproductive or stressful business relationships may develop when the time they schedule away from their personal life is not valued by the clients they serve. A simple phone call or text is an easy and effective solution.

interior_master_bedroom1_sm_300DON’T forget to meet with a mortgage lender to get pre-qualified before searching for a home. Boise real estate agents are connected to financial professionals who are ready to help you purchase your new home. Prequalifying will allow you and your realtor to know where to spend time looking for the home that is just right without spending unnecessary time on homes you cannot afford. Mortgage lenders and real estate agents often make a great team that can offer outstanding benefits to you.

DO be clear and realistic in your expectations. Just as you expect the Realtor you choose to pay attention to your needs, it will greatly enhance your home-buying or home-selling experience to listen to the advice given to you by your real estate agent. Ask specific questions, and allow your agent the time to research and find an answer. Nobody, including Boise real estate agents, can read your mind.

DO trust their professional expertise. Real estate professionals spend a lot of time researching, networking and learning from other agents, as well as attending relevant classes to keep their licenses current. When you hire Boise real estate agents, you are taking much of the guesswork out of your home purchasing or home selling experience. Trust that they will work hard and smart, keeping your best interests in mind.

DO be loyal to your Boise real estate agent. After choosing your Realtor, stick with him! It is in every Boise real estate agent’s best interest to give their best effort to meet your needs; they only get compensated if the home you are buying or the home you are selling makes it all the way to the closing table.

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