The College of Idaho

Home in Caldwell, ID. One of the many colleges in Idaho is the College of Idaho. This college is located in Caldwell, Idaho, about a half hour west of Boise and Eagle, Idaho and twenty minutes north of Nampa, Idaho. It is a liberal art college, enrolling just over 1,000 students.

The Wood River Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church conceived the idea for the college in 1884. It was formally opened in 1891 with 19 people registered. The first classes began in the church of downtown Caldwell but were later moved to a separate building. The campus was moved to its current location in 1910.

Student Statistics
The following information outlines the student statistical data of the College of Idaho:

·    The student body is represented by 25 states and 80 nations

Majors and Minors
There are 43 majors, 37 minors, 16 collaborative programs and 20 departments offered at the College of Idaho. The most popular majors are Biology, Business, History, Political Economy, and Psychology. .

Collaborative Programs
A number of collaborative programs are offered between the college and other higher education institutions. These programs include:

·    Agricultural engineering
·    Audiology
·    Biomedical engineering
·    Clinical lab science
·    Math computer science
·    Nursing
·    Occupational therapy
·    Pharmaceutical science
·    Physician assistant studies
·    Public health
·    Speech and language pathology

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