The Boise Real Estate Market

Boise is certainly showing economic, housing and educational achievement indicators that it is moving upward in terms of improved quality of life for its residents. 


Opportunities for buyers of houses in Boise, Idaho,  as well as for home sellers in Boise have increased. According to a recent survey conducted by the national organization Home Gain, pride in home ownership is on the upswing in 3 out of four homes in Boise and in the Midwest region. The previous nearly frozen housing market is opening up and lower interest rates now benefit Boise’s continued economic and housing comeback story.

Quality of Life

As a prospective homeowner the quality of life in a neighborhood or in the city that you are relocating to is central to how you make a decision to select a future home.  Houses in Boise, Idaho is an excellent choice to begin and end your home selection with. The median home price gain over the last 2-5 years has been nearly 11.10 percent for a median home price of $162,804.  Crime statistics for both property and personal risks are much lower than the national average and educational advancement is higher than in 95 percent of the United States. 

Housing Curb Appeal

An Eagle Home with Great Curb Appeal

One of the benefits that Boise Home owners have been able to take advantage of is they have increasingly placed their money in curb appeal enhancements in order to improve home sales.  National realtor associations are taking notice of this recent phenomenon as well, and according to the National Association of Realtors, exterior improvements are accelerating homeowner sales in cities like Boise. By simply adding an outside steel entry door, homeowners are realizing close to a 102.1 percent return of their purchase cost upon the home’s resale .In addition,  Boise homeowners are improving their homes saleability by purchasing mid range replacement garage doors and window and siding replacements.

Modular Home Benefits

In additional to the conventional homes that a purchaser can buy in Boise, there are modular homes that are available and are increasingly taking a growing part of the housing market.  These homes are affordable, built in Boise, ID and create far less waste than conventionally constructed homes. If you are interested in being eco-friendly, then a Boise built modular home is right up your alley. It is largely manufactured; using reused steel, recycled plastic and certified sustainable–harvested wood.

Low Interest Rates

With the decline of housing interest and unemployment rates and an improving national and local Boise economy, purchases of houses in Boise, Idaho have increased. With the return of affordable home prices averaging around $170,000 in Boise, residents have better choices for their home investment dollars.  Be smart and buy a Boise home with a mortgage that is right for you. 

Boise is a great area and now is the time to take the opportunity to find your place in the Boise community. Do not miss out!

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