The Best Races in Boise, Idaho

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Boise, Idaho is the ideal locale for anything outdoorsy – with the gorgeous Rocky Mountain foothills, a deluge of trees, and a clean, crisp flowing river that runs through the center of the city – it just doesn't get better than Boise. Because of Boise's exciting and beautiful geography, it also makes it the perfect destination for races, whether it's the daunting full marathon, half marathon, or super popular 5K – and even the most hearty and challenging of races such as Ironman and the Ultra-marathon. Who wouldn't want to run 32 miles in the scenic trails of the foothills? The opportunities to challenge yourself and go further than ever before are all over the city, regardless of whether you're a tentative first timer or a seasoned superstar going for the win. Check out the annual races around Boise to find the one best suited for you!

Race to Robie Creek

This is the ultimate half marathon race in the northwest – hands down, and it's right here in Boise, Idaho every third Saturday each April. With the trademark, 'The Toughest Race in the Northwest,' this 13.1 mile race is practically a rite of passage for anyone who's serious about running. According to the website, Race to Robie Creek “always offers a fun, slightly irreverent, top quality, half marathon race --- with an amazing post race party and entertainment.” This legendary event has limited entries due to the course, and it's just as much a race getting registered as the actual race. And speaking of the course – it begins at Fort Boise promptly at noon, where runners wind their way up Reserve Street and Shaw Mountain Road. At mile 4, runners hit the dirt road and the climb steepens as you work your way up a long, narrow canyon. It only gets steeper from here. It's around mile 7 when die hard runners turn into walkers. At mile 9, you've reached the summit, and from there to the finish runners barrel through sharp, downhill twists and turns until they've made it to the finish line.

Foothills 50K Frenzy

Beginning of a Race

The marathon is 26.2 miles. Any sporting event that runs longer than this traditional length is considered an ultramarathon. A 50K is a little over 31 miles.

The Foothills 50K Frenzy is on Saturday, October 5 this year with a prompt start at 6:00 a.m. Due to the early race start, and location, the first 2 hours of the race is in the dark. Runners will need to be equipped with a headlamp to begin their 'frenzied' trek through the foothills above Boise, which includes both up and downhill sections with moderately difficult terrain. If this is your cup of tea, it's the only trail ultra in the foothills – and you can even join other ultrarunners in their periodic Frenzy group runs.

Ironman 70.3 Boise

Registration for Ironman in Boise isn't open yet, but with the event day in June of next year, you're going to need all the time you can get to prepare for this ultimate of ultimate endurance challenges. The course traverses 70.3 miles, and begins with a 1.2 mile, one loop swim at Lucky Peak Reservoir, participants then jump on the bike and cover 56 miles of no nonsense hilly terrain, and ditch their apparatuses for the final 2 loop, 13.1 mile run (half marathon) along the beautiful Boise Greenbelt, eventually finishing in the heart of downtown Boise. This is not for the faint of heart, and holds 50 qualifying spots to the Ironman World Championship 70.3 at Lake Las Vegas. Athletes will start at noon with a twilight finish deep in the BoDo District. Ironman is one of the most difficult, but rewarding events anyone can accomplish – and the setting in Boise is the perfect top off for such a memorable occasion.

The Color Run

Color Run PowderThe Color Run is a popular 5K race, or 3.1 miles, that makes its way city to city, and this year, the Color Run hits Boise on August 24 on Parkcenter Boulevard. If you're interested in this exciting, unique adventure, now is the time to get yourself registered. This event is not your typical 5K, and might be better suited to those who worry about their mile times – the 'race' is un-timed. Also known as the 'Happiest 5K on the Planet,' the run is a paint race that “celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality.” They ask only that you wear white to the starting line, and finish splashed in color. It's unavoidable – after each completed kilometer participants are drenched in different colors. The popularity of the Color Run is astounding – with their debut race in January of last year, it now hosts 100 events with over a million participants. Boise is excited for the ever popular Color Run to hit our streets!

City of Trees Half & Full Marathons

For those looking for Boise's most traditional, flat road races, October is your month. Join either the Boise full or Boise half for the best, most well organized events of the year. Held on October 13, the marathon has an 8:00 a.m. start and the half has a 9:00 a.m. start. The start and finish is on Parkcenter Boulevard, with both courses USATF certified. Looking to qualify for Boston? Why not do it on the streets you're most familiar with? Finish along the scenic greenbelt just before you divert to the finish line. There's something about training along the same course as an upcoming race – with the scenic greenbelt always open to runners, you can get in the best preparation before the big day.

There's so many more racing events held in and around Boise – way too many to list here, including too many 5K and 10K fun runs to count. You'll also find triathlon and novelty events. There's a new race almost every weekend between Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, and Caldwell!

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