The Benefits of Tiny House Living in Idaho


It is fun to look at sprawling estates and tall, architecturally elegant homes. We can sit and view slideshows of mansions and celebrities' homes and drool over the luxury these people have. Microsoft's largest celebrity owns a mansion valued at over $147,000,000, and is over 66,000 square feet. It has 24 bathrooms. Who needs 24 bathrooms? The White House itself has 35. That can be understood, but a private residence? Seems a bit much. Most people dream of owning a large house, but it does not seem likely people dream about owning 24 bathrooms...think of the maintenance work...and the cost!

In the beautiful state of Idaho, there is a fair share of luxurious homes owned by celebrities and successful business persons. You will find a fair share of them in the Treasure Valley and Boise has some premier homes nestled in the foothills and overlooking the river. They are a sight to see for many, though let's take a step back and remind ourselves why less is more.

It is a funny thing really, electronics and gadgets are becoming smaller now than they ever have been and yet the average size of an American home hovers right around 2,500 square feet. That is more than double what it used to be in the 1950's. So, what do we need all that space for? 


Here is some of the top advantages of owning a small house:

They are wallet friendly! They are cheaper to build, they are cheaper to maintain, they are cheaper to repair, and they don't require so much property tax! For many of us who feel the economic crunch, this alone is why smaller homes are sought after. Let's examine .

- The material cost is lower as there's less foundation to pour, less floor to lay, and less roof. Large homes simply require a lot of money in upkeep costs alone. Imagine the price difference on replacing the roof of a 1,000 square foot home vs a 3,000 square foot home? The paint, the windows...everything costs more. Our property taxes are determined by property value, and property value is assessed in part by square footage. Lower square footage equals lower property taxes equals happy wallet.

- Cozy and small means energy efficiency. Who doesn't love cathedral ceilings? But think of the energy and utility costs it takes to heat and cool these mammoth rooms? A smaller layout means smaller bills, and it takes almost no time to keep the place cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

They reduce your carbon footprint. One of the most effective ways to decrease your ecological footprint is to buy a tiny house.

They combat unnecessary clutter! American's love stuff. The bigger the house, the more rooms to pile your stuff. But as we consider that most our “stuff” stays in the house awhile, hogging up space, then gets moved down varying levels of unimportant until it gets piled into the garage where it creates stress every time we open the garage door, we can begin to understand that the “more stuff the better” mentality is not good for our health.

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