The 3 Key Elements in Picking your New Boise Home

boise-home-52_400When considering a new home in the Boise area- what is your priority? Are you thinking of a rural, woodsy environment where you can enjoy the quiet sounds of snow falling in the winter and birds chirping in the summer? Or is your dream home on a city street, surrounded by a community of fellow urbanites? However you picture your home sweet home, there are 3 key elements that you should consider. If you're ready to began your search for Boise homes, a good starting point is Boise Idaho real estate where you can sort by price range, bedrooms and baths, rooms, lot size, builder, school district, zip code and more.

Location, Location, Location

No, that isn't all three, but location is certainly the most important element to consider when shopping for a new home in Boise. Here are a few reasons why location should be your prime consideration:

  • Proximity to work, shopping, parks, public transportation and schools if required
  • Potential noise and/or aggravation from traffic, construction, neighbors, pets
  • Personal safety with relation to crime, air quality and other environmental issues
  • Suitability for your pets, gardening
  • Resale factor when/if you decide to sell later

As you can see, location is an important factor to consider, so you can achieve comfort and happiness in your new home for a lifetime.
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Purchase Price

While buying a grand old estate on a property with extended acreage sounds good, if you can't afford the mortgage- it could get stressful for you in the future.

Generally, a mortgage is considered within your means if it does not exceed 33 percent of your total monthly income. That's a rule the banks adhere to. However, if you recognize that your monthly income could be reduced in the future, you might want to consider a less expensive home. Things like private education expenses or an unexpected career change could seriously impact your finances and ability to meet monthly mortgage payments.

Monthly Living Expenses and Necessary Improvements or Upgrades

That other 67 percent of your monthly income will be needed for food, utilities, vehicle expenses, taxes, personal and property insurances and more. If you anticipate remodeling or starting other home improvement projects, those will also factor into your monthly or overall living expenses. You should strongly consider your overall financial situation. Make sure you can cover incidental expenses that may arise.

Purchasing a new home in the Boise area can certainly be a wise investment and provide you with a lifetime of happy memories. But it's important that you plan wisely and use careful consideration when choosing your dream home.

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