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The last 100 years has seen so many amazing advancements in technology. Today we have gadgets and gizmos that were thought to only exist in science fiction; we have methods of transportation that are more efficient and much faster than ever imagined; and we can communicate with people around the world at close to the speed of light. But, in this world of microchips and touchscreen mobile devices, what is the next great innovation that will shake our world? Is it hover cars, lunar colonies, or telepathic communications? And where will this great new innovation come from? Well, many believe that Idaho will be the birthplace of such an innovation, but it may be a humble compared a city on the moon.

Scott and Julie, Idaho natives, inventors, and…

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In Eastern Idaho, nestled between Idaho Falls and Rexburg is a quiet little town. Highway 20 cuts right through its heart, and carries travellers on their way further North to Yellowstone National Park, or elsewhere. But this little town is full of history, and it holds a marvelous secret. Only it’s not a secret. It’s listed right on the sign that welcomes you to this town. The sign simply reads, “Rigby. The Birthplace of Television.” I know, you might be wondering how a small town in Idaho could ever claim to be the birthplace of television, or if it could even be true. Simply put? It is true.

While Philo T. Farnsworth, the father of television, wasn’t originally from Idaho, it was the time that he spent in Rigby that lead to his great invention of…

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In this world of growing technology, new gadgets and devices are presented to make life easier and faster. The general populous is surrounded by “Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology” devices, otherwise known as SMART. One in every five people in the world own a Smartphone and those who don’t have at least heard of SMART devices. A recent addition to the SMART world will perhaps change how we view the world completely. Specifically, it will change how we view the world of light.

Light bulbs have been modified over the years to be brighter and more energy efficient. LED bulbs have recently become one of the most energy efficient light bulbs on the market. LED lights are up to 85% more energy efficient than traditional incandescent…

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Everything Touch Screen

When most people think of the future, you may think of hover cars, android maids, or even teleportation. If you ever saw Disney’s Tomorrowland, your view of the future might be of large clunky robots or rocket ships. But, the future is probably different from what you have previously imagined. Modern engineers and architects, along with technological geniuses are planning and scheming up many many different things for our future. Some of it isn't as off the wall as you might expect.

The world has been forever changed by the invention of the touch screen. With the path that we are on, everything will be touch screen soon, which is exactly what Microsoft is working on. There have been plans, or rather dreams of making a home…

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Motion Sensor

In this day and age, things are unpredictable. It's no secret that bad things happen, whether you are expecting it or not. Imagine that you are on vacation, you and some friends are on a road trip and you left your new home unattended. While you are out having fun and living the dream, the unthinkable happens, your home is broken into. The perpetrators have barged in, ransacked your place, damaged your things and taken your valuables. It is the worst thing that anyone could come home to. Whether you are on a trip or just out for the day, no one wants to find their home in this condition.

Luckily there is a solution to this problem- a home security system. Now there are several different types of security systems and the one that is right for you, may…

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House Using Wind Energy 

When you hear the words, net zero energy home, a few ideas automatically pop into your head. Right?

But what does it really mean?

For the best answer, we turned to the Net Zero Energy Home Coalition, which defines a net zero energy home as one that produces at least as much energy on site from a renewable source as it uses on an annual basis. These super-extreme-energy-efficient homes balance their energy needs with the use of renewable technologies. In terms of energy, it's a home that sustains itself.

You'll find that there are different degrees of these net zero homes and buildings around the world. Some buildings even supply a surplus of energy while others consume a bit more energy than they produce. These “near-zero energy buildings” or…

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Boise Two Story House

Burglary is the most common threat to our homes, and it usually happens during the day while many are away at work and other activities.

Because not everyone can fit a home security system in their budget, we decided to put together a list that doesn't require a huge up-front cost. You don't necessarily have to arm your home with a system to make it less attractive to thieves.

Stop the Everyday Home Burglary

We're luckier than most people around the country because we live in a metro area that experiences significantly less crime than other areas. According to FBI statistics, Idaho's state crime rate is the lowest in the West. Serious crime rates 21.3 percent lower than the national average. However, no area is immune to crime, and there are…

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Advances in technology are continually helping business professionals do their job more efficiently, and Google+ Hangouts are one of the latest technology tools we've integrated into our business to reach out to clients in an unprecedented way. In fact, President Obama first used Google+ Hangouts in the first all-digital interview from the White House last January.

Google+ and it's suite of productivity tools are simple ways that business professionals can harness today's technology to better their business. Communication is vital to an agent's success, and Hangouts are a superior communication tool that can enable easy communication when time is of the essence.

What is a Google+ Hangout?


Hangouts are a video chat service provided by Google+…

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Realtors, have you heard of Instanet Solutions?They offer a number of products specifically designed to bring a new level of convenience to your life.

One such product is called Authentisign, a fast and convenient way to get e-signatures from your clients without having to drive across town or coordinate times to get a simple legal signature.

In today's world it's all about reducing costs and expenses, and of course, doing whatever we can to save time and energy-and we love going paperless. One of the best ways to succeed with all of this is having the ability to get your forms signed over the internet. Faxing and scanning and driving all over the place is a thing of the past, or it ought to be. Authentisign allows you to quickly email documents over…

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In a world largely dominated by cell phone use, HomeSnap, a new iPhone app created by Washington, D.C.-based online broker Sawbuck Realty, is a convenient creation to get you instantly connected to real-estate while on the go.

The app makes it unbelievably easy to instantly connect to homes and properties for sale with the simple application of your phone's camera. Users can snap a picture of almost any home throughout the U.S. and view a wide gamut of property details such as number of bedrooms & bathrooms, property history, price, size, and nearby schools. In addition to public data, HomeSnap draws information from the Multiple Listing Service, tax records, and census demographics. Guy Wolcott, the co-founder and CEO of Sawbuck says the…

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