Tamarack Resort: The Best Place to Spend Your Winter



The brisk mountain air blows gently across your face, as you adjust your ski goggles and get ready to push off. With a nudge from your ski poles, you take off down the mountain, cutting through the snow. The wind whips past you, but you don’t notice anymore. You’re carving down the slope, cutting through trees, as you sail down the mountain.

The Tamarack Resort has plenty to offer during the summer, from swimming to mountain biking and everything in between. But Tamarack isn’t any less fun in the winter. There’s just as much to do here in the winter as there is in the summer, making Tamarack Idaho’s playground. The resort town is located about 100 miles north of Boise in the Bitterroot Mountains. It’s located perfectly and provides plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities. It’s not too far away from the big city of Boise, though, and it’s in the perfect spot to make the most of what Idaho has to offer.

You’ll find plenty to do at Tamarack year round, but the winter opens up a whole new world for you to explore. Skiing is the most obvious recreational activity when you’re close to a mountain. But the adventure of Tamarack doesn’t stop there. This is a town where it’s said that boredom doesn’t exist. When you visit, you’ll find out why.

Skiing and Snowboarding  

During the winter season, the lifts run every day. This means you’ll always be able to head up the mountain and ski or snowboard to your heart’s content. There’s plenty of variety on the mountain, with trails for beginning skiers, intermediate skiers, and advanced skiers. There are over 900 acres reachable by six ski lifts.

The ski slope faces east, which means it’s protected from the worst of the wind. Every day will be a perfect skiing day here. The resort also has a high average of snowfall. With over 300 inches of snowfall each year, you’ll always have great skiing conditions. You can also test your skills and play at the two terrain parks. Take advantage of the season pass, and ski whenever you want.

Nordic Skiing and Snowshoeing

Alpine skiing isn’t the only kind of skiing to enjoy at Tamarack. There’s also a Nordic center with trails that are open every day of the week during the skiing season. If you have a season pass for alpine skiing, the Nordic center is included. You’ll be able to explore forests and meadows through nearly 10 miles of groomed trails.

When taking a break from skiing, many strap on their snowshoes and enjoy an incredible winter hike. If you go, take in the beautiful scenery and crisp winter air as you follow the trails in the Nordic Center.


Enjoy the winter wonderland of Tamarack in style. Bring your own snowmobile, or rent one, and race across thousands of acres of beautiful snowy terrain. Because Tamarack experiences some incredible snowfall, this is one of the best areas in Idaho, and potentially even the country, for snowmobiling. Explore the rugged mountain trails for some breathtaking views, or enjoy racing around in the meadows. You’re bound to have a blast snowmobiling in Tamarack.

McCall Winter Carnival

Not all of the fun in Tamarack involves racing down a hill or across snow-covered meadows. Visit the McCall Winter Carnival through the last few days of January and into February. This carnival draws massive amounts of people to enjoy live music, events like comedy shows, auctions, and snowbike races. The biggest draw of the carnival is the snow sculptures, though. Some of the sculptures tower over 20 feet tall. It’s a great event full of fun and culture, and it is a must see.

Winter Wonderland

Once you arrive in Tamarack, you’ll see why they say boredom doesn’t exist in this incredible resort town. It’s packed full of fun recreational opportunities, and you’ll find adventure waiting for you on every hill and in every meadow. Even if you don’t want to spend every day out in the snow, you’ll find something to keep you entertained. You can enjoy an incredible carnival, get a massage at a spa, take a train tour, or just relax in one of the many lodges. Idaho comes alive in the winter. You moved here to enjoy the beauty and adventure that Idaho holds, and Tamarack is the winter wonderland of your dreams. So head out there and explore.

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