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House in Middleton
Nothing quite compares to the emotions during your first purchase of a home, it's exciting, suspenseful, nerve racking, and sometimes stressful. Hopefully, your first experience is a great one, but just to make sure we are offering some key pointers to get you started on the right track.

For first-time home buyers looking into purchasing a home, here is a list of things to consider before signing on the dotted line. We want to make sure that you are getting into a home that fits your needs as closely as possible.

Standard Details

There are, of course, all of the basic details that a buyer wants in a home.  That includes the number of bedrooms and baths.  Does it have a fireplace; how large is the lot; is there a rec or a family room; is there a…

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We all have at one point in our life been judged by something we had little control over. Anne Frank was more than judged, but died because she was Jewish. The importance of human rights cannot be understated, and the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial is a must-see for anyone concerned with the issue of human rights in society.  Anne’s belief in humanity inspired the nearly full-acre park in downtown Boise for residents of Idaho to remember her story.

Anne Frank: A Story that Should Never be Forgotten

Born Anne Marie Frank on June 12, 1929, Anne was 13 years old when German authorities began rounding up Jews throughout the Netherlands and sending them to Westerbork. Westerbork was a transit concentration camp on the way to Auschwitz. This is when Anne…

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"Short Sale" homes are everywhere in Boise and can be a great deal.  However, there are some red flags that every buyer should be aware of before taking the plunge on writing a short sale offer on Idaho real estate. 

  1. There is more than one lender on the property.  If there is a different lender on the first and second mortgage or home equity line of credit (or even on a third), it complicates the approval process because all parties must agree to the terms of short sale.  Typically, the second will want to negotiate to get something and this will usually be paid by the first just to get them to agree. The lien holder may ask the seller to sign a promissory note at closing to pay the difference from the proceeds of the sale and the amount owed.  If not…
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People that are considering buying a home might be curious about purchasing a home warranty plan. Some real estate agents may strongly recommend home warranties for those who close on an older home. Since these properties might have been built years ago under relaxed builder standards, there could be problems with existing fixtures in the homes that may be protected by a home warranty.

What a Home Warranty Covers

Home warranty coverage varies, depending on the company and the type of plan. Some home warranty companies offer multiple types of policies that provide insurance against malfunction or damage for certain appliances. In essence, a home warranty is a service plan that covers the cost of repairs to basic home systems. Many plans cover…

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Boise is certainly showing economic, housing and educational achievement indicators that it is moving upward in terms of improved quality of life for its residents. 


Opportunities for buyers of houses in Boise, Idaho,  as well as for home sellers in Boise have increased. According to a recent survey conducted by the national organization Home Gain, pride in home ownership is on the upswing in 3 out of four homes in Boise and in the Midwest region. The previous nearly frozen housing market is opening up and lower interest rates now benefit Boise’s continued economic and housing comeback story.

Quality of Life

As a prospective homeowner the quality of life in a neighborhood or in the city that you are relocating to is central to how you make a…

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Boise homes for saleWhen was the last time you bought a house? You can probably still remember thumbing through various real estate magazines, driving from neighborhood to neighborhood looking for “For Sale” signs and visiting dozens of homes and open houses.

And even then, you needed a Realtor to find what you were looking for – and because there were no search features, filters or ways to ease the process, you were at your real estate agent’s mercy. If you hired the wrong one, your search was probably made a lot more difficult, and the time it took to find a new home was probably doubled. Thankfully, those days are over. The Internet has made house hunting easier and faster, especially if you are searching for Real Estate in Idaho. 

Nearly Everyone Is Online
These days,…

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An Idaho Bald EagleAre you looking for a home or Boise real estate with the intent of making this state your new home? Idaho has many things to offer its residents, particularly if those people are animal lovers. Miles and miles of dog-friendly trails await your exploration. If you are not bringing a pet with you on your move, the Idaho Humane Society can help you find the perfect canine or feline companion to adopt.

The Idaho Humane Society (IHS):  The primary mission of the IHS is the welfare and responsible care of animals. They focus on protecting animals from cruelty and neglect and on promoting compassion and awareness.

The IHS is committed to providing food, shelter and medical attention to abandoned or abused animals. They also strive to find adoptive homes for…

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The View of an Idaho CanalSome are afraid of ghost towns, others are fascinated by the history and folklore they embody. Idaho has some prime examples of ghost towns for visitors or residents of Idaho to enjoy. While there are no ghosts, Idaho history is filled with a series of booms and busts; lifestyles come and gone. Gold was found in Pierce, Idaho in the 1860s and later silver and copper were discovered. Towns were built, became bustling hubs of activities, then slipped into disuse and decay as the population moved elsewhere. This left Idaho filled with memories of dreams and disappointments – and ghost towns.  

If you are planning to buy Boise Idaho real estate, I am sure you are aware of the riches this modern state has to offer. But to truly understand Idaho, you should…

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Some Clouds Over Idaho's LandscapeFor individuals considering the purchase of Boise real estate, there are numerous attractions, activities, and beautiful natural sights that should be evaluated. The benefits to owning property in Idaho are many. From the plentiful veins of beautiful gemstones that make Idaho the "Gem State", to the wide variety of natural canyons and gorgeous landscape, Idaho real estate is a prime area for investors and potential residents alike. One of the most notable attractions located in Idaho is the Caribou National Forest.

Contrary to popular belief, the Caribou National Forest was not actually named for the massive deer "caribou". It's name actually came from a famous gold miner- Cariboo Jack (Jesse Fairchild). In 1870, Cariboo Jack and two of his friends…

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The Gorgeous Boise Night ViewTable Rock, a monument located in Idaho, is truly unique. Few mountains can offer such exciting hiking and biking by day, followed by exceptional entertainment and dining by night. It is no wonder that Idaho real estate owners love living in the area!

Table Rock is one of the most popular recreational spots in Idaho for a reason. The rounded hill actually calls the dynamic city of Boise, and watches over the Idaho state capital from only a few miles to the south and east of the city itself. Since so many residents of Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and other neighboring cities take the mountain for granted, Table Rock has been called a local treasure, hidden in plain sight.

The name Table Rock comes from the remarkably level summit of this sandstone hill. The…

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