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Two Story House In Eagle
During the summer the temperatures can reach 90 degrees and higher, creating a warm climate for a move. However, many moves take place during the summer months, as career changes occur and as individuals seek to become settled prior to the new school year. For a successful move into your new home, follow the easy moving tips outlined below.

Quick and Efficient Packing

Packing your life into boxes can be stressful and requires planning. The following are a few basic tips for packing anytime of year: 

  • Pack valuables in towels or soft clothing to save money on packing materials. 
  • Reinforce the bottom of the boxes. Moving is stressful enough without picking up a box and having everything fall out and break. 
  • Mark each box with the room it belongs…
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It’s easy for buyers to be swept up in the excitement of purchasing a house. Buyers find that seemingly perfect Idaho home... then walk through room by room picturing their furniture in the space. Then Buyers often eagerly sign the paperwork required to make it a reality. There are at least ten good reasons for the next step in the home buying process to be-  a thorough home inspection completed prior to finalizing the purchase:

1. Real estate is a significant investment
Few Americans put as much money in savings, stocks, or other accounts each month as they do toward paying for their homes. Most new homeowners simply can’t afford to have their investment turn out to be a bad one- for those who risk getting stuck with a money pit of repairs, it can be…
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Beautiful Boise RiverIf you're a baseball fan, you'll find plenty of diamond excitement when you attend the Boise Hawks games, located adjacent to the Boise River in Garden City. An exciting minor league team, the Hawks never disappoint their loyal fans - giving their all, every inning! Since you're looking into Idaho real estate, it's good to know there's plenty of great baseball action right here in Boise. Just one more reason that becoming a Boise home owner is a great idea!

The Hawks love their fans, and put on a number of special fan based events to prove it. Like their "Player for a Day Contest" where should you be lucky enough to win the Grand Prize, you'll receive a one day "mock contract," to be a player, complete with uniform shirt; pre-game breakfast then batting…
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Top 10 Reasons why Boise
 may be the best move you ever made! 

boise-depot-5_400Are you considering a move to Boise?  Have you fallen in love with our incredible outdoor lifestyle, friendly community, and outstanding quality of life?  Is buying a home in Boise right now a good idea? Well, it just may be the best time EVER!  Here are 10 really good reasons why it can be the best decision you ever made. We actually came up with hundreds but decided to condense the list to just 10. 


Top 10 Reasons why Boise
may be the best move you ever made. 

10.  The Boise Airport.  Seriously, have you ever flown into Boise?  It is so pleasant compared with other airports in the country.  It is just easy.  Granted it is not always perfect but it is rarely crowded, people generally…

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Within the state of Idaho there are several different financial institutions. These provide Idaho residents many different products and services. Whether you are looking for a bank to finance your purchase on an Idaho home or you are looking for a dependable bank to call yours there are many different options.

Idaho Independent Bank
Idaho Banks provides its customers with excellent, reliable service in a hometown environment. Founded in 1993, it was created to offer residents a service that was lost when a number of other banks merged and consolidated. Idaho Independent Bank believes that clients should be first in priority and has a mission of keeping its branches small and local. This aspect enables this financial institution to provide borrowing and…

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Floating Like a FeatherWhen looking to move to Idaho, many individuals wonder if there is more to do than hiking, fishing, or mountain biking. In fact, for adventurous (or curious) individuals, Boise has wonderful sites for paragliding. Remember, paragliding should never be done alone, and, for the inexperienced, the best way to have fun is to go with a certified instructor or professional. But for those who are ready to, or are experienced with paragliding, here are the top three spots around Boise for adventure.
  #1 – 8th Street
This spot is so named due to the fact that one must take 8th Street in Boise to get to the destination. Heading North on 8th Street, the road will eventually turn to dirt. Park off to the side after going past the last set of power lines. The take…
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Idaho real estate Home in a Boise Community- Boise boasts several community awards consistently from 2006 through 2011. This capital city has received national recognition for its superior communities, affordable cost of living, and friendliness. Boise offers quick access to year round outdoor recreational activities such as skiing, snowboarding, fishing, biking, kayaking and rock climbing and a slower pace of living without giving up city life's conveniences. Low sales tax, real estate tax, and low utility costs make Idaho very live-able.

A rich history as one of the major cities of the west in the early turn of the century gives rich cultural context to the Boise metropolitan area. Cited in numerous national studies which define some of the desirable traits found in highly…

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Recycling EaseBoise community rejoice! For years, residents in the Boise, Idaho area have asked for curbside glass collection, and finally, the wait is over. On June 15, 2011, the voluntary subscription program for curbside glass collection was put into effect with collection to begin in the fall. Of course, the city will continue to maintain the current drop off sites throughout Boise.
  The curbside collection is voluntary and will be 100 percent user supported. This service will cost residents $9.95 per month, and with it comes a gray cart for glass only. The existing blue “no-sort” recycling carts will continue to be used for co-mingled paper, plastic and aluminum recycling.

In an effort to make the program affordable to residents and to boost the local economy,…
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Boise State UniversityIf you move to Boise, what will you do first? Hiking? Camping? Skiing? Golfing? Fishing?  Horseback Riding? Or do the performing arts top your list?  
  Located on the campus of Boise State University, The Morrison Center is the premier performance center in Idaho, and is nationally ranked among the top performance halls in the country. The Morrison Center accommodates major touring productions and performers on the international concert circuit.     
The Morrison Center also focuses on providing exceptional performance space for local artists and on providing a place where artistic growth and experimentation is encouraged. The 2,037 seat Morrison Center is also an educational facility and is vital to the education of students in the Boise State…
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Morning Sun ShiningThere is something special about Boise, Idaho. With all that this city has to offer it just keeps giving, making life exciting and fresh. It doesn't seem to get any fresher than the Boise State University Garden. Hopefully your search for a new home includes a space for a garden. And if so, you must be sure to visit the Community Garden at Boise State University.  

The University’s Sustainability Club has created an incredible community garden. This garden is a sustainable space that functions both as a source of food and an educational (and edible) outreach tool. It is a community setting for networking and education regarding sustainability in gardening and food production.  

The garden was planted by Sustainability Club student members, club board…
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