Idaho's Gem: Trendy, Accessible Sun Valley


Many people moving to Idaho may have heard or wonder for a couple minutes, "what is there to do here?". If you aren't interested in world-class recreation like many that come to Idaho, you may have wondered the same thing. The fabled Sun Valley area of Idaho, alone, should be enough to convince anyone that there is an endless number of quality Gem State events and activities.

Just a three-hour (or maybe 15 minutes less) drive from Boise, Sun Valley is a resort town worth moving for. Naturally Sun Valley is known for the abundance of great ski and snowboarding opportunities that bring thousands of visitors alone, but there are more local pearls that are a little less known.

The Sun Valley Resort acts as the headquarters of area action.During the winter you'll find sleigh rides, tubing hills, ice skating and more. However, if you are a little more adventurous you can try one of the valley's traditional extreme sports- Heliskiing. Brought to the Sun Valley in 1966, heliskiing has grown into a popular version, and very scream-inducing version of backcountry skiing. Skiers are taken to the top of a mountain by a helicopter and ski all the way down, then they get picked up and do it all again--no joke.

Say winter sports aren't your "thing," the arts are rich in Sun Valley. The Sun Valley Film Festival, beginning only in March of 2012, the film festival has become a widely acclaimed gathering of young and coming filmmakers and aficionados. All enjoy a time to learn, exchange ideas, and expand their network and be where the freshest ideas are incubating. Film Festivals are actually how many new talents make it to Hollywood. Filmmakers such as Jared and Jerusha Hess (creators of Napoleon Dynamite), Kevin Smith (creator of Clerks and Clerks II), and Quentin Tarantino (director of the Kill Bill Trilogy) used film festivals to propel their careers.

The center of the festival is the showing of the participating filmmakers original works. This is followed by an awards ceremony, with awards that range from the "One in a Million award" for feature length films that are made for under a million dollars, to the "Shorty award" for the best short film.There are also many different workshops to attend. However, the festival isn't just about work, there is also plenty of play. Every night of the festival, there is something big going on--parties, hikes, dances you name it. 

riverrunlodgeketchumidaho_350_01Starting a film festival is hard. There are big and established festivals all around the United States that you have to compete with, but the Sun Valley Film Festival was an instant success. It received rave reviews from people who entered submissions and those there just there for the fun. said this about the festival, "A smashing success... all weekend the atmosphere was electrifying." And National Geographic said, "Hollywood heritage combined with understated mountain town style makes Sun Valley a perfect fit."

Another hit in the area, music enthusiasts love sitting back and listening to some good music while they look at modern art. Sun Valley has all you need to experience sensory satisfaction. The Music and Arts Showcase Sun Valley (MASSV) is a really fun two-day weekend celebration of art and music, held every summer with performances by fire dancers, parkour practitioners, live bands, and more! The MASSV's unique feel gives it an atmosphere of diversity, so as far as the art goes, any type of art is acceptable. There will be lit structures, art cars, paintings and more. Whatever your vision, you can display it or check it out here.

No matter your passion, Sun Valley is a place you need to see. We haven't mentioned it's famous art festival or it's top writing conference, and that's just more of the arts. You won't want to miss the new and amazing activities. Spending time where the celebrities come to relax and enjoy life is an experience. Take a trip to Sun Valley and you'll realize that Idaho isn't the least bit boring.


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