Sun Valley Heli Ski: A Rockstar Experience for any Skier


The helicopter has dropped away out of sight, and you can no longer hear the thumping of the rotors. Moments ago, the helicopter touched down on the top of the mountain in a flurry of powder. You stepped out onto the top of the world with your gear, and in a whirlwind of snow, the helicopter departed. Now, it’s silent. You can see for miles, and the clear blue sky is inviting. But not as inviting as the untouched powder down the mountain that’s calling your name. As you strap on your skies with the rest of the group, your guide gets ready to lead you down the mountain. And you can’t stop smiling.

It feels like the world is yours. Your group is alone on top of the mountain; the entire slope is yours and you can’t wait to carve it up with your skies. This is what you live for. This is why you moved to Idaho. And you’re going to be doing this all day. Grinning, you push off, and fly down the mountain, leaving a trail of powder in your wake.

A Rockstar Beginning

You wake up early. You’re too excited to sleep any longer. Today, you’re going to take a helicopter to the top of a mountain and ski down. Sun Valley Heli Ski offers an incredible experience, and you don’t even mind calling to check in at seven in the morning. There are no delays. The weather’s perfect. You pack up your gear, and head to the pick up site.

You’ll check in at the Sun Valley Heli Headquarters at a quarter after eight in the morning. Normally, you hate filling out paperwork and going through orientation, but your excitement is too great. In a little less than an hour, you’ll be skiing down that beautiful mountain, and the powder is calling your name. You’re taught how to use an avalanche transceiver, and soon, you’re ready to get into the helicopter.

When the helicopter comes down to pick you up, you feel like a rockstar. That helicopter will be your personal transport for the remainder of the day, taking you to incredible slopes and equally incredible skiing. You start smiling, and you don’t stop smiling for a long time.

Day Trip or Tours

Sun Valley Heli Ski offers you several different options for helicopter skiing. If you just want to go skiing for a day, or if that’s all you have time for, you can use their day rates. Each helicopter tour includes avalanche safety and transceiver training as well as an expert guide. For the day trip, you’ll have six runs. Each run is, on average, two thousand feet. When you finish your run, the helicopter will come pick you up, and take you back to the top of the mountain at a different run. This keeps your skiing trip filled with variety and adventure. Midway through the day, you’ll also have lunch on the slope.

If you want to spend more time skiing, and you have a weekend, or several days, you can enjoy one of the heli assisted ski touring adventures. This is a great option for a group, and your day starts with the helicopter taking you high into the mountains. You’ll spend the day skiing and climbing with your guide leading the way. You’ll spend the entire day skiing, and then meet back at a pickup spot. Where the day trip is customized toward any skill level, the tours require some experience with backcountry skiing.

You can also enjoy the tour a different way. For a truly unique experience, you can stay at the Idaho Smoky Mountain Lodge. The lodge will serve as your base of operations, and you’ll be able to enjoy home cooked meals, a hot tub, and a sauna. This option provides you with access to remote parts of the Smoky Mountains, where few have ever skied.

On Top of the World

Sun Valley Heli Ski offers an incredible experience. Whether this is your first time helicopter skiing, or you’re a veteran of the experience, Sun Valley Heli Ski can offer you ski runs to match your skill level. While the tours are geared more towards experienced backcountry skiers, the day trip can be customized to the skill level of the group. And you’ll always have a guide to help you. Either way, you’ll finish each day smiling. This is what you live for, and at the end of the day, you know this is why you moved to Idaho. And you couldn’t be happier.

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