Summer: What to Think About With Real Estate


Summer is the favorite season of the year for many.  Boise summers are rich with opportunities--in nature and in community events.  If buying or selling your home is in your summer plans, you will want to be aware of how the season affects the housing real estate market.  We are currently in an improving economy, according to predicting factors, and now is a great time to buy a house, but the seasons always affect the housing real estate market in their own ways.


Because many people think summer is a great time to buy, (and especially this summer) you will have a bit of a fight on your hands to get the property you choose.  Prices are on the rise, so this is a window of opportunity that could very well not be here next year, so it’s worth the effort.  Housing real estate inventory is very low; expect multiple deals on nice homes.  Hughes Group agents stay abreast of any market changes so you won’t have to worry about them--they’ll dive in and give you the best possible chance to get into the home you want.  They also have the home-buying process down to a science so that you can get into your home quickly if necessary.  This may not be as big of a problem for some--for example, if you don’t need to move to get your kids settled before school starts.  Patience may prove wise.


You should be able to sell your home for a higher price than you can when the weather is cold and people aren't out looking at homes as much.  You won’t want to wait forever though, because when school starts, fewer buyers will be actively viewing properties.  You will want to work with your agent to price your home right and do any home staging necessary to sell your home.  You won’t want to price it too high and miss the summer selling season, and you won’t want to price it too low and not get as much money for your house as you could have.  The housing market is at your advantage at the moment on this end, but you likely will be buying as well.  The bottom line is that you’re going to want to get your home on the market as soon as possible.

You can see that sellers have a bit of the upper hand at the moment, but that quickly changes in the later months of the year.  Don’t forget that the housing real estate market of July 2012 will be very different from that of July 2013.  The critical piece of the puzzle really is your fine Hughes Group agent.  Without them, you will be missing opportunities right in front of you.  This is a great time to buy and sell.  Begin today!

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