Staying Fresh with the Boise State University Garden

Morning Sun ShiningThere is something special about Boise, Idaho. With all that this city has to offer it just keeps giving, making life exciting and fresh. It doesn't seem to get any fresher than the Boise State University Garden. Hopefully your search for a new home includes a space for a garden. And if so, you must be sure to visit the Community Garden at Boise State University.  

The University’s Sustainability Club has created an incredible community garden. This garden is a sustainable space that functions both as a source of food and an educational (and edible) outreach tool. It is a community setting for networking and education regarding sustainability in gardening and food production.  

The garden was planted by Sustainability Club student members, club board members and other volunteers. It is located near the campus at 1415 Juanita Street, Boise, ID 83706, a house owned by the University. 

The garden and sustainable space is designed to highlight the importance of people as part of the environment. The garden will also demonstrate how our behavior and the natural systems around us must work together. 

In addition to the garden, the area will include a water management system, and a composting area. Members of the Sustainability Club have identified three primary goals for their garden:
  • To create a working partnership between the students, the university and the people of Boise.
  • To educated the students and community members on methods to live sustainably. Along with this is a focus on the need, and ability, to grow food locally.
  • To develop a sustainable and environmentally friendly place to grow food.  
Student members of the Sustainability Club hope the garden project will foster a relationship between the community and campus activities, with the goal of helping Boise become a more sustainable city. Additional educational programs will work toward creating a continuing cycle of learning and building increased awareness in environmental project

Room for a GardenThe project was funded through a grant from Fulbright Canada Eco-Leadership. The grant was awarded to John Ziker, anthropology professor with Boise State University. In conjunction with the grant, the University agreed to supply, labor, tools and raw materials, and to provide a quarter-acre site for the garden. 

If you are interested in learning more about the community garden, and applying this knowledge to your new home in Boise, contact Crystal Stuvland, leader of the project. Opportunities are available as a volunteer providing labor to maintain the garden or as a shareholder. Shareholders will receive a portion of the garden's produce.

“This is a great opportunity for those who may not have an opportunity to garden to be involved in a great community project,” said Stuvland. “They will have an opportunity to work with and get to know others who share their desire to work for their food and to know where their food comes from.”

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