Southern Idaho's Hot Springs, Some Pools To Enjoy

Beautiful Idaho SunsetReady to soak your body in some natural hot water? Southern Idaho has some fantastic hot springs to enjoy. Lava Hot Springs is a prime South-Central Idaho real estate location. A small town with a population just over 500, the economy in Lava Hot Springs is booming due to it becoming a rather trendy tourist destination.

With the backdrop of the mountains and the Portneuf River valley, with the historic Oregon & California Trails running through near by, the city is noted for its natural hot springs. These are great for a turbulent and exciting innertube run through the downtown area.

Beautiful chalets, warm villas and quiet cottages in this town can range anywhere from $200k to $650k. This is a great place for someone who wants to get away from it all, especially since city life is becoming less and less desirable to many folks.

The town is also full of wi-fi access and modern amenities, so you will not feel like you're completely away from it all (or roughing it) in this rustic location. Helpful residents welcome newcomers, especially since many of the original settlers in Lava Hot Springs were from all different parts of the world. It is a very charming, welcoming, open-minded and safe community for you.

Beautiful Idaho SkyA simple Google search can provide you with numerous real estate contacts in Lava Hot Springs but nothing will beat actually visiting the Big Sky paradise. "Just 11 miles east of I-15, we are a favorite stop along the way to Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons," says the Lava Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce.

Not only is Lava Hot Springs a place to enjoy, but there also some private pools that are available to tour. Indian Springs Resort and RV provides a place to camp as well as to soak. Some of my favorite childhood memories are waking up in our camp site at the break of dawn to go enjoy the hot water nature had provided for us. 

Other sites with hot springs are:
-Aura Soma Lava-has both indoor and outdoor pools available as well as onsite massage therapy
-Riverside Hot Springs Inn-has three indoor private pools with continuous flow and an outdoor tub for guests to soak in
-Weir Creek Hot Springs- this hot pot has an outdoor pool that can accomodate up to ten people as well as a few more smaller pools for a little more privacy

Believe it or not, Idaho is one of the fastest growing states in the United States and there's plenty of room for everyone. Many folks are choosing to move to states like Idaho - whose cost of living is far less than its surrounding neighbors - because practicality and quality-of-life are becoming two very sought-after things in these overcrowded United States.

Yes, there are many fun opportunities for both regular consumers and people who want to start anew. Life is easy in Hot Springs and looking for Boise real estate there is even easier. Southern Idaho and it's Hot Springs are untouched by sprawl and is  a glimpse of what quiet living is like in the Mountain West.

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