Southern Idaho Spring Gardening & Landscaping


One of the best perks of living in Idaho comes around the delightful Spring Season. Spring is the time of year when Southern Idaho comes alive amid a sea of flowers with stunning vibrant colors and pleasant aromas. Getting a head start to the growing season has plenty of benefits, from producing more vegetables throughout the year to having flower beds filled with lovely and inviting colors earlier on in the season. When it isn't quite time to get started planting outdoors, there is still plenty that may be done to give any garden a great head start to the growing season. Be sure to start with a little research on the recommended planting dates for each zone to ensure that you're not planting too early. The first few weeks of Spring are an excellent time to get a head start on your future garden and landscaping plans.

Many enjoy allocating early Spring as a time to begin the process of starter seedlings indoors. Some take this time to prepare by outlining the items that they will need and gathering the makings of their newest additions to the garden. Perhaps, sprucing up any remainder landscaping throughout the yard is also on the list of things to get accomplished. Combining outdoor projects has the potential to bring spaces together for a streamlined appearance. Gathering all the materials needed to help make for a fantastic growing season can make for quite a rewarding accomplishment, most notably when all the necessities are gathered and ready to help you get started planting when the time comes.

For starters, what type of garden would you like to accomplish this year? Moreover, what steps need to be performed to bring the ideal garden or landscaping spaces about? There are several types of garden types to consider choosing from, or you may decide to wing it and go with a system streamlined to meet your specific gardening goals. Whatever you decide, have fun and enjoy all the benefits of planting, gardening, landscaping, and being outdoors. Reviewing a few various garden types and landscaping styles may help in the decision process and perhaps provide a few new ideas that may be incorporated into this year's plans.

Indoor Gardens & Containers

It's possible to complete a generously sized garden indoors within containers, as long as there is adequate sun for each of the plants to help sustain them indoors. As there may be plenty of space and not enough sunlight, an alternative might be to add indoor growing lights. The growing lights aid in compensating for the lack of sunlight to the container garden. With a little research on what bulbs will work best for your garden, adding plant lights will ideally supplement enough lighting for your seedlings to grow and flourish. Either way, it is helpful to have growing lights around as an option to give indoor plants a little extra boost when the weather outdoors isn't ideal. Container gardens are a quick remedy to accomplishing a garden indoors and have the added potential of placing containers outdoors when the weather is ideal.

Vegetable Gardens & Landscaping

While a vegetable garden may seem as though the only purpose would be to produce vegetables, many vegetable plants may be utilized for the intent of beautifying and adding accents to the overall presentation of landscaping. Combining spaces and adding vegetables to landscaping is becoming more and more popular among landscapers and gardeners alike. There are various appealing qualities that a garden can bring to landscaping, such as vibrant colors, and the bonus of edible treats. Lining pathways with beautiful bright green and purples of various lettuce plants, or perhaps consider combining a mixed array of colors with the deep reds of tomatoes and strawberries for the ideal touch to landscaping that calls for a little extra pizzaz. Various vegetable plants offer the added bonus of brighter colors such as yellows and oranges that may be found in carrots, bell peppers, squash, and pumpkins. Deciding which vegetables you will enjoy most as part of your garden, is an excellent time to allow your creativity to blossom.

Herb Gardens & Landscaping

A neat addition to landscaping is the various herbs that may be considered to revitalize landscaping with the fresh aroma of a preferred blend of herbs. Imagine your favorite herbs blossoming as apart of a beautiful addition to your already dialed in landscaping. Whether your planting a garden of herbs or adding herbs to your landscaping, this is a great time to consider maximizing your spaces with the ideal mix of herbs that you will enjoy most. Herbs that may provide a delightful array of aromas to any garden or landscaping might include mint, lavender, rosemary, lemon balm, and basil. These beautiful herbs also boast the benefit of having the opportunity to trim off pieces for bringing into the kitchen, right from the convenience of home. Having a preferred blend of herbs available in your garden or landscaping makes for a joyful reward to all your hard work.

Garden/Planter Boxes & Landscaping

Garden boxes are a popular option for those who are seeking to accomplish a neat and organized method of gardening. Garden boxes may also act as a deterrent for little critters and insects, as well as path weeds. Utilizing garden boxes may also help to separate individualized gardening projects while adding a little extra charm and personal touch to the overall appearance and presentation of your garden. Garden boxes are also an excellent means of providing added drainage to garden spaces. Adding planter boxes as a feature to already existing landscaping to create a new impression, is a fantastic way to revitalize and redefine spaces. Some people might also consider adding accents around the planter boxes with a few pavers or stones, or perhaps a gravel pathway to or in between their planter boxes. A few additional accents to your garden or planter boxes might include adding a garden arbor between the boxes. Perhaps a mobile greenhouse cover to attach to the garden box as a lid or adding solar lighting to sides of garden boxes to make for delightfully well light pathways. Maximizing spaces might include a vertical garden box or a staircase of planter boxes. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to all that may be accomplished with garden and planter boxes. Have fun!

There are quite a few fun-filled ways to accomplish a great start to Spring Gardening in Idaho. When the time comes to start planting outdoors, is mainly going to depend on when the last frost date occurs. Having a couple of warms days can be misleading and tempting for some to go ahead and get seedlings into the soil. To give your garden the best chance at success, transplanting seedlings or planting seeds outdoors is best accomplished after the last frost date. As a fun bonus, you might consider taking a picture of the before and after setup of your garden. The plants alone are quite rewarding when they are fully grown, though sometimes after all the hard work has been completed, it may be difficult to remember how much really went into the makings of your masterpiece.

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