So Many Neighborhoods, But Which One to Choose?

Two Rivers NeighborhoodPurchasing a home can be stressful, but by doing some careful research ahead of time, home shoppers can alleviate some of that stress. The first step in the home-buying process is to examine potential neighborhoods.

Here are 3 tips to consider when picking a neighborhood to call home.
1. Market Values and the Local Economy
Take a drive around the potential neighborhood. An Idaho real estate agent can provide statistics on appreciation rates.
Doing research into local industries and checking Idaho property values can help the potential homeowner decide where to make an investment. Industries and shops moving into an area is a good sign of a more-stable economy, and can lead to higher home values. It’s also a good idea to check out the local unemployment rates on the Department of Labor’s website (
2. Crime Rates
Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their home, so be sure to check local crime rates before deciding on a neighborhood. The local police department has reports on crimes (both petty and violent) in the area. They also should have information on volunteer programs like Neighborhood Watch that helps keeps communities safe. 
3. Location, Location, Location
neighborhood_meridian_paramount_entranceFiguring out what to have close by and what is worth traveling for is also important. Those that value privacy over convenience won’t mind driving an hour for groceries, whereas those who like to be in the center of the activity might find such isolation undesirable. Good planning and some careful research will help make the home selection process enjoyable.

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