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Snowmobiling: Idaho's Winter Getaway


Idaho is known for its phenomenal scenery and outdoor recreation opportunities, among many other strengths. Idaho houses are close to these beautiful locations. In Idaho, you can visit one of the largest waterfalls in the United States, Shoshone Falls, climb the largest sand dune in North America in Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park, or spend a weekend on one of the glacial lakes that stands in the shadow of the Sawtooth Mountains. If you are into thrills and adventure, Idaho is host to multiple water and snow sporting venues. The world renowned Payette River provides a challenge for river fanatics of all ages, as does the mysterious Salmon River. With ski resorts and camping within a forty-five minute drive of Boise, Idaho houses, the wild is literally in your backyard. One of Idaho's greatest recreational assets is its snowmobile trails, which extend more than 7200 miles across the stunning winter wilderness.

Idaho's plentiful snowfall in high altitudes and beautiful, varied terrain make it a player in the region's top sledding destinations. The extensive snowmobiling trails provide practically uninterrupted riding, and small towns along the way offer friendly service. If you relish in the thrill of fresh powder and challenging terrain or if you seek the peace and quiet of the wilderness, Idaho's snowmobiling trails are the place to be.payetteriverwinter2013-7_350


Idaho snowmobiling is available to anyone willing to register with the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. For a small fee, you can register your machine or a rental machine within the nearest county and then you are good to go tear up some of Idaho's finest powder.

Where to Go

Idaho's snowmobiling trails are spread across the entire state. If you prefer Idaho houses in the panhandle--Northern Idaho--there are trail centers in or near Bonners Ferry, Coeur d'Alene, Sandpoint, and surrounding areas, some of which extend into central Idaho. If Idaho's capital city, Boise, appeals to you, there are several snowmobiling trails a few hours east in the beautiful Sawtooth and Boise National Forests. Glacial mountain ranges in these areas offer views of glorious winter vistas. If the Twin Falls area, and its deep canyon suits your fancy, there are trails just south of the city where you can snowmobile. The relatively rural southeastern portion of Idaho sports mutiple, extensive trails, including ones near Soda Springs and Montpelier, which are close to the Lava Hot Springs resort. You can go soak in some of Idaho's best hot springs after an exciting day in the mountains. In eastern Idaho, there are also several trails, which border the United States' first national park, Yellowstone. All of these trails will take you into nature's getaway, where abundant wildlife and solitude from the bustling cities offer a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime quality experience.

Idaho is peppered with trails for your pleasure, all of which are within hours of Idaho houses. In your search for the perfect place to live, consider Idaho houses and cities, where your winter wonderland is a step out your door. Wherever you choose to live in Idaho, there are pristine trails for your snowmobiling pleasure--they're always beckoning.


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