Smartbulbs: Changing the World of Light through Color


In this world of growing technology, new gadgets and devices are presented to make life easier and faster. The general populous is surrounded by “Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology” devices, otherwise known as SMART. One in every five people in the world own a Smartphone and those who don’t have at least heard of SMART devices. A recent addition to the SMART world will perhaps change how we view the world completely. Specifically, it will change how we view the world of light.

Light bulbs have been modified over the years to be brighter and more energy efficient. LED bulbs have recently become one of the most energy efficient light bulbs on the market. LED lights are up to 85% more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs and over 10% more efficient than compact fluorescent bulbs. Smartbulbs are a new, innovated type of LED light. Smartbulbs will not only save you energy, but they will also change the way you view light. There are many different brands of these high-tech, energy saving light bulbs. Depending on the brand, there are several features that Smartbulbs have in common.

Traditional light bulbs have two settings - on or off. Depending on the light bulb you purchase, you will determine the color and brightness of the light. Some lights will even have a dimmer so you can have more control over how bright your light it. Yet, this isn't the best our light bulbs can do. What if you could have more control over your light - what if you could decide the specific brightness and color of the lighting in your room, with just one bulb? Now you can.

Smartbulbs give you the option to control the color of lighting from your Smartphone. Not only do you get to manipulate how bright or dim your lighting is but also whether you want the light to be yellow, purple, green, blue, or red. There are over 16 million different vibrant colors and shades to choose from.

The diverse colors allow you to set the atmosphere in your home. Whether you want to have a romantic evening, a relaxing setting after a long day, or have an electrifying party, you can set the color and brightness of the lights accordingly. Another feature that is available on some Smartbulbs to help with the atmosphere is being able to connect with music. The bulbs will flash and change color with the music in a swirling atmosphere of sound and light. With your Smartphone, you can control multiple bulbs simultaneously and pre-programmed modes.

Smartbulbs do more than just look pretty, they can extend to be a part of the different features of your phone. One feature is an alarm. Instead of starting your day with an alarm yelling at you to get up, you could wake up to a sunrise style of light, turning on slowly to gently help you begin your morning.

Another feature that would be an extension of your phone is the ability for Smartbulbs to act as an alert for specific notifications such as incoming calls or new text messages. The light could change colors or blink on and off when you have an incoming call or message, depending on your setting.

Smartbulbs are also very helpful when you enter your home with your hands full. Have you ever come into your house with your hand full and struggled to turn on the light? With a Smartbulb, you won’t have this problem. A Smartbulb can connect with your Smartphone and detect when you are in the proximity of your house, turning on the lights for you automatically. A Smartbulb can also be used as a security system and go off with blinking colored lights to scare off an intruder.

Surprisingly, Smartbulbs can help with your health.

In today’s society-especially in cities- most people spend the majority of their day indoors. This pattern has more health repercussions than people realized. The lack of interaction with natural light negatively affects the body's circadian rhythm which causes the body’s production of melatonin to decrease drastically. Melatonin is a hormone in the brain that controls sleep and wake cycles and those with less than the needed amount of melatonin can have depression or insomnia.

Because studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between interaction with light and the amount of melatonin, a brand that produces Smartbulbs have installed a program that will produce a specific color and brightness of light throughout the day that imitates the sun and will result in a more natural circadian rhythm and help balance the amount of melatonin in your body.

The Smartbulb can be set to give you the color that you would interact with if you were outside all day- which leads to a healthier life.

Each bulb is supposed to last 10- 27 years, depending on the brand. And Smartbulb is easy to use and even easier to install. Once you buy the bulb, all you have to do is screw it in like a regular light bulb and download the app. Smartbulbs cost 50$- 100$, depending on the brand. The more expensive brands, however, will have additional features that the less expensive brands will not. Though these prices are significantly more than a normal light bulb, Smartbulbs have features that you would not be able to find anywhere else in your life. Smartbulbs have the potential to change your world of light.

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