Smart Home Gadgets


We love technology. We especially love today's nifty high-tech gadgets that make living at home even sweeter. The turn of the century had the idea of a smart home introducing a whole gamut of new tech products that were specifically designed to enhance home living, igniting tech enthusiasts and homeowners everywhere. Technology has really focused its efforts on designing products specifically tailored to improve home living, and we're always on board with that.

Here we'll look at some of the coolest, craziest and most innovative new home gizmos to hit the market for every room in the house.


Your thermostat isn't the only programmable device in your house. The latest shower technology offers a line of cutting-edge programmable showers that are packed with delightful features. These programmable showers offer digital controls and super high-tech valves that allow you to set your ideal water temperature and water pressure. Each member of the family can pre-set their ideal shower, and even the type of spray, so it remembers exactly what you like every time. The waterproof control panel mounts right in your shower where you can easily alter any setting with the touch of a button. You can nab a basic unit for about $300, or if you want the best of the best, expect to pay in excess of $3,000.


Advances in technology transform life in the kitchen! From making life for the family cook easier to no longer guessing if your milk is still good, the new gadgets for the kitchen are as innovative as any other room in the house. The steam assist oven is one of our favorites. These ovens utilize steam during the process of cooking to produce better tasting food with faster cook times. Because they use steam to do the cooking, it all but eliminates the need for basting, misting, and water bathing's. And of course, steam assist ovens are fully computerized and electronically monitor the amount of steam according to the type of food you're cooking (determined by what you enter on the keypad).

Home Office

The proud recipient of several awards, including a Best Tech Idea of the Year award, the Wall Socket/USB port combo is one the most easy and convenient gadgets you can outfit your home office with. Of course, you can add these to any room in the house to modernize your entire living space, and conveniently charge your smartphone, digital camera, tablet and more.

Living Room

The Nest thermostat, for only $250, is one of the most affordable and practical high tech gadgets your home can benefit from. The Nest enables you to change the temperature in your house from your smartphone, tablet or computer using a Wi-Fi connection. Designed by the same guy who helped design the iPod, it has an aesthetic design and easy user interface that comes in colors that are designed to blend into the color of your wall. This nifty gadget helps you save energy by automatically learning your patterns of behavior. And if it doesn't detect motion in the room, it will adjust the temperature to save on energy.


This extremely cool, technologically advanced alarm clock is going to change the way you start the day. The light and aromatherapy alarm clock is a must have accessory for the bedroom, to not only provide a soothing wake up experience, but for a sleeping one as well. The aromas diffuse using ultrasonic vibration, and the sleep timer and light options (and nature sounds) can be customized to cater to your preferences.


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